Hubby and his abscess.

Hubby went to the docs at eight thirty this morning as promised to get his swap results. They weren’t there, but when the doc had a look at his abscess which had continued to grow, she sent him straight to hospital. Fortunately, I had already mostly packed his case. I knew that this was on the cards. To cut a very long story short, he’s fine, he’s had an operation to remove it and come out the general anesthetic remarkably well, I’m very pleased with him.

The slightly lengthier version is just about to follow..

We got to the hospital at nine, got invited to wait in a “interview room” at ten, then saw a junior doc at one thirty, placed on a ward at about three and then saw surgeons and had ECG tests etc and then hubby went down to surgery about seven thirty.

Which to me is flippin’ marvelous. Okay its a whole day, but I didn’t have to walk for four days to the next village, or worry about the cost, thank doG for the national health thats what I say.

The abscess had grown to a six to seven inch ball of poison, with a good three, to four inches in parts of infected skin surrounding it. They Pumped hubby full of antibiotics, I can’t remember the names I’m sorry, but he had a bag full of antibiotic dripping in slowly, plus three huge vials pumped into the, what do they call them, the plastic tap they leave in your wrist. (technical terms!)

The boy did good. He looks really well after the op. It may need packing for several weeks and I’m really not sure when he is coming home as the days have ranged from tomorrow to next Monday, so I’m just going to play that by ear.

The other plus points are, I took my knitting and managed to knit a WHOLE sock………… I think I went into some sort of robotic person whilst he was in surgery, he was in surgery for an hour and I managed to knit 53 rows in forty five minutes. I’ve never knitted that fast in my life and when hubby came back and noticed my knitting he was flabbergasted at just how much I had achieved.

and off course, cause there always is one… Mandy plays the fool. When the junior doc was taking blood tests I got out of her way, as you do and just casually leant on the wall. I noticed an alarm sounding and through the glass in the door I could see the accident and emergency staff RUNNING into rooms and the general feel of a panic situation. I thought, “Oooh, whats happening here then”. When another doctor comes charging through the door, Yep, its Me, leaning on the panic button..

2 thoughts on “Hubby and his abscess.

  1. Mary says:

    Hooray indeed for the National Health – a long way off perfect but a damn sight better than nothing.Please add both myself and Steve to the list of people impressed by your day’s knitting accomplishments!Best wishes to Hubby for a speedy recovery.


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