A Fathers Day Feast.

We had some of the first of the season lovely fresh produce from the plot today. I thought they would make a lovely Fathers Day Feast.

First there was a little pounding to be done. Several cloves of garlic, a lemons worth of peel, salt and lots and lots of lovely fresh oregano was pounding together in my pestle and mortar.

Then olive oil and the juice of the lemon was added along with a good half a teaspoon of sugar, just to take the edge of the lemon juice.

Which was then used to stuff into deep to the bone slashes made in a whole chicken, and also to baste new potatoes and onion which were to roast alongside the chicken.

There was then time to make a salad. We were given some Oak Leaf lettuce which went very well with our round lettuces. I then added some sun blush tomatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes, fresh salad onions, some olives and made a dressing with the herby oil left over from the sublush tomatoes then added a little more olive oil and a lemon’s worth of juice.

Ten minutes later….

Shortly afterwards, our lovely chicken was ready, which I served with a few of our peas. The onions were divine they melted in the mouth.

And then we had our strawberries macerated in Cointreau and a little golden caster sugar served with thick Greek yoghurt. I am still undecided as to whether we really needed the Greek yoghurt but the boys assure me that we did.

It was lovely!

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