I have learnt so much this year both with the growing of fruit and vegetable and in my knitting.

Both hubby and I still feel just a little bit giddy that we came 5th out of 154 plots for best kept plot. I still think it was a fluke and that the judges must have been blind.

My knitting has come along in leaps and bounds. I don’t knit as much in the spring and summer as the plot takes up my thinking time, maybe this year I will be able to fit a little more knitting in, although having two plots now, I very much doubt it.

I was stunned to read Knitted Bears account of her knitting this year. How on earth does she fit it all in? So I’ve done a quick count up of my knitting and it does add up.

20 (ish) pairs of socks
5 scarfs
1 snood
1 baby jacket
2 lizard ridge squares
several diamonds (for baby blanket)
1 pair of gloves
3 pairs of fetchings
1 jumper for hubby
1/2 a cardigan for me
1 hot water bottle cover
3 hats.

My family and I have had a few moments regarding health but a comment that I heard recently, which made me smile sums it up, “there is more right with us than wrong with us”.

Thats all I want to say really, we have just had a two hour walk and I’m going to sit in front of the coal fire that hubby has just made up for me.

I’ll leave you with this action shot of Charlie, who just loves life.

2 thoughts on “2008.

  1. Mary says:

    I don’t know how Knitted Bear does it either, but if it helps:2 pairs socks1 pair baby socks3 crofter’s cowls2 pairs wristlets1 diamond for the blanket1 hairbandand 1 jumper which probably doesn’t count as I started it in summer 2007.Feel better now?Happy New Year, hope it’s a good one.


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