Our Twentieth Wedding Anniversary

For our Twentieth wedding anniversary we decided to have a day out in London. We planned the day to pack in as much as we possibly could and both of us at one stage or another voiced our concerns that we may have packed a little too much in and would not be able to keep to schedule. But together we decided that we would try.

We arrived at Euston at 8.50 a.m. We then found the ticket office and bought our day tickets for the tube. Mandy made a very careful mental note as to where she put this ticket about her person along with another that she must not lose it! We then caught the tube to Leicester Square and walked to Covent Garden.

A quick tour around there and we were off again to catch the tube to Piccadilly. My breath was taken away when I spotted Eros as I came out of the tube. At that point I felt that I was truly in London. It was quite an emotional moment.

We walked to Fortnum & Mason

and decided that a coffee break was called for. (and very nice coffee it was too)

Hubby has been looking for a badger shaving brush for a while so when I spotted one in F & M I knew it would be the perfect anniversary present. His last has nearly worn away having been bought as a 21st birthday present, so he feels that this one will last him out!

We walked around the lovely displays of the meats, fish, cheese, cold meats and cake counters, stopping to chat with the fishmonger and butcher. I was seriously tempted to buy several items, we did however buy a couple of fairy cakes and some honey. The honey appeals to us as even though the Bees have not started to produce honey for F & M, they are now fully installed on the roof of Fortnum & Mason and come this spring we shall see how they will perform.

Although there is no movement at the moment, the bees quite sensibly stay in when its cold, F & M have installed web cams, which will greatly amuse us come the spring.

Bee’s Webcam

Then trying to stick to the schedule we walked away from the lovey displays and trotted back to Piccadilly Circus and finding that we were slightly ahead of schedule so we decided to walk along Regent Street (at I have to say quite a quick pace)

Passing the National Geographic I just had to stop and photograph the Balinese Driftwood Horses.

and get an overall flavour of Regent Street.

We nipped down Carnaby street and then onwards to Liberty’s. I tried to find a button for my (soon to be finished – yeah right!) cardigan, but had no luck. The building was magnificent and I was so glad we had decided to take the detour from the schedule.

Hubby and I were tickled by Liberty’s weathervane and on further investigation I find that not only is all the timber in the building from two of HMS (the Impregnable and the Hindustan) that the weather vane is said to represent Pilgrim Father’s Mayflower.

Walking on to Oxford Circus to catch the tube to Kings Cross and then onto Angel and walked to Loop.

Loop was lurverly. I looked at all of Nora Gaughan pattern books, including the newly arrived 4th edition and was very pleasantly surprised to see just how many of her patterns went up to my bust size. The temptation was far to strong and I bought the lot and have been drooling over them ever since. I also bought a little sock yarn. I met a fellow alopecian in Loop who I have since been in touch with on Ravelry. She was having a day out too and was doing most of the wool shops in London. As we parted we said how we hoped to bump into her at Socktopus.

Back to the Angel having cheated and hoped on a bus for two stops and onto Westminister via Moorgate.

The London Eye, which was closed for maintenance.
Houses of Parliament.

Big Ben

The happy couple.

Westminister Abbey which was just a step to far to see properly.


Then it was time to make our way to Socktopus using the tube to Fulham Broadway. We walked along the Kings Road admiring the furniture shops, the wealth of that area is something to be seen, I very much doubt they would have let us country mice through the front door. And sooner than we thought we were at Socktopus and it was shut!!

But Alice was only a hairs breadth behind us and was opening up within seconds. We said Hi and introduced ourselves explaining our journey up to that point and Alice very kindly made us a cup of tea, which was very welcome. There was much stroking and ooohing and aaahing and that was just over Deuce, Alice’s delightful Pug. Onto the very serious business of choosing which yarn was coming home with me, I could have had them all, fortunately for me I had a hubby with me who whilst being reasonably willing (financially) to satisfy my fibre urges does just enough to keep my feet on the ground so that I dont spend the mortgage money!

We hung around as long as we could to see if my fellow Alopecian would arrive but sadly that was not to be. (She has since told me that Alice greeted her with a “Hi, Mandy told me you were coming!”, which was rather funny). Alice directed us to a short cut so that we could catch the bus back to the tube and we then made our way to St Pauls for Evensong.

The beauty of this building is truly amazing, just the internal size of it takes your breath away, let alone the architecture and the beauty of the works inside. I met my second Alopecian of the day (my third if I count the chap I spotted on the tube) he sat directly infront of me during Evensong. We had a lovely chat after the service, I’m not sure if this a sign, and if it is, I’ve no idea what it means. I haven’t actually met in real life a fellow alopecian before this day and then I meet and chat to two in quick succession. Anyway back to the trip.

It was dark by the time we left St Pauls and if we were to see everything we had planned to, we needed to keep moving. We both wanted to stop and perhaps eat or drink but knew if we did that, that would be it, so we carried on, foot sore and quite weary but still full of expectation and a little giddy at what would come next.

We took the tube to Holborn and then onto Leicester Square and walked to the National Gallery. I could barely pick out Nelson in Trafalger Square, but the atmosphere of the place was still there.

and we then climbed the steps to the National Gallery. We both wished we had more time, but far too soon it was time to catch the tube to Euston to go home.

The train arrived on time and once settled into our seats I remembered we had cake!

and lovely it was too!

When we arrived home we exchanged cards, as we hadn’t had the time to do this first thing in the morning and hubby also presented me with an exquisite pair of diamond earings!

My stash.

Its taken us two days to recover. Yesterday was spent sleeping and moaning about the pain in various locations of hips and legs..

5 thoughts on “Our Twentieth Wedding Anniversary

  1. Carie says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day – I’m totally jealous that you’ve got Norah Gaughan vol 4 – it wasn’t out the last time I was in Loop so I only have 1-3 and I could drool over just about all of the patterns


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