I am a very lucky girl, I really am. I have good friends who have been keeping in touch and wishing me well for the next few days.

Firstly Ailsa sent me some gorgeous Noro that she no longer had plans for. Isn’t it lovely and I will be able to put it to very good use to make a very large Lizard Ridge blanket.

Thank you Ailsa.

I’ve had lovely emails, kind and thoughtful phone calls that made me giggle as they contained threats of bringing in Gin & Tonics on Sunday, and my parents took me to lunch yesterday.

Son no.1 has taken the day off work to help me sort out the house a little, he’s quite amusing, he doesn’t clean much but he’s nice to have around.

And then, the postman knocked the door and delivered this….

Look, beautiful Lornas Laces in a gorgeous colourway And my very favouritist chocolate in all the world,( the Almond Green & Blacks). Hubbys favourite chocolate is fruit and nut so I expect he will try to arm wrestle me for the raisin and hazelnut. Trust me, he won’t win. Along with a rather amusing dry to the bone card, which suits my sense of humour perfectly. Thank you Diane, for my wonderful present, you are very naughty.

And just in case this is all sounds a little like gobbledygook to you, I have to have a hysterectomy tomorrow. I have bilateral complex ovarian cysts that need removing and then we will see what can be saved although the uterus and cervix are definitely coming out. Its all been rather fast and emotional as you can imagine. And the worst thing is…. I won’t be able to Dig for TWELVE weeks. I think that is going to be very hard for me, which is why Diane tells me in her card to Behave! I’ve already counted the weeks out, it will be the end of May. Then its going to take me several weeks to get my digging fitness back. Don’t worry I’m just wittering….

Anyway as they say, there will be a break in transmission.

Right I’m off to wind some beautiful Lornas Laces into cakes ready for hospital/post hospital knitting.

Have fun everyone.

2 thoughts on “Presents.

  1. Becca says:

    Best wishes on your surgery. I hope everything goes well and you have a speedy recovery. My mom had a hysterectomy at age 39 and I remember her gleefully giving me all her tampons that she’d no longer need. At least she found the silver lining!The Lorna’s Laces is really gorgeous! I love those colors.


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