Beads on Lace.

I am at the start of a new adventure, my first lace shawl. I’m attempting Kiri designed by Polly Outhwaite. I’m not finding it easy, for instance, today, 2 hours, maybe more were spent knitting, then I found a fault, but I’m not adept enough at reading the stitches to work out exactly where or what the problem is. So, today I have accomplished one row of knitting for two hours work.

I’m hoping it will get easier.

But, there is a plus. We have a lovely new bead shop called Beading Crafty. They used to be located at Hatton Country World and they have moved there bead shop to Kenilworth. Which is wonderful, as I then get to look at beads whenever my heart desires, without a loving husband, looking bored to tears in the background.

And as we know, I will need lots of stitch markers to try and keep track of where I am on my very first shawl.

So in between the showers, I popped up the town and bought the necessary tools and beads to make my very own stitch markers, mainly starting with a mixed lot of beads in which I found some lovely treasures.

Do you like?

I fear, I have much to learn.

2 thoughts on “Beads on Lace.

  1. Stasher says:

    Wow, never mind the lace you'll soon get the grip, but what superb stich markers. You are such a crafty girl! We're lucky to have such a bead shop. I hope Kenilworth will attract more shops like this one.


  2. Jenny says:

    Wow, good luck with that. I can't work out how to correct an error in lace either. The pattern looks very pretty and its always good to try something new (so I'm told but personally I can't be bothered). Good opportunity to buy some pretty stitch markers.


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