Seasonal cookery.

Sometimes its not a hardship to put together seasonal ingredients. Our hens are laying extremely well and the first pink stalks of forced rhubarb are in the shops. Yesterday we had rhubarb and home made custard for pudding. Which left me with lots of egg whites, well there is only one recipe that springs to mind in those circumstances, a pavlova and with some nice tart rhubarb left over I thought it would make the perfect pud.

I’d baked the rhubarb in a glass of pink fizz with a little sugar, if you bake it gently in the oven you keep the shape and it doesn’t all become a grey mush. Pavlova is one of the easiest sweets to make if you have a large electric mixer, mine is a Kenwood chef which was made in the year 1953 and has seen continuous service since.

The sharp eyed amongst you may notice that there are huge chunks missing out of this pavlova, that was the handy work of my second born son. They ask, you say no, its for later, and they take it anyway…

Look at that squidgy centre, it was perfection.

7 thoughts on “Seasonal cookery.

  1. pinkfairygran says:

    Thanks for popping by the Three R's… I'll include you in the giveaway. Lerve pavlova and especially with a squidgy centre… and early rhubarb is a favourite too. What a shame you left it too late to invite me!!!


  2. snoopydog says:

    Oh my word! That does look soooo srummy. Pavlova is one of my all time favourites, as is rhubarb! Delicious. Thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog. Now I've found you, I'll pop back again. Ros


  3. Jenny says:

    Oh you've made a pallava as we like to call them. Your post had me out in the garden looking to see if my rhubarb was coming up, no sign, and I bet you've finished off your delicious pud by now.


  4. Jo says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'm so glad you did as I have now discovered your wonderful blog. I have spent a few days reading through your past posts. I'm loving your knitted socks, it's been many years since I've picked up my knitting needles, but I'm not very good, I certainly couldn't knit socks. I was sorry to read about Willow, it's so hard to lose a beloved pet, but Eric and Florence look like lovely little characters and will help to ease your pain. We had to have our puss put to sleep about four years ago and would dearly love another but it seems that my son has developed an allergy. I will be following the progress on your allotments with interest. I'm going to start seed sowing this weekend.


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