Festival of Quilts 2011

I trundled along to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC, it was great fun. I bought a little bit of fabric to make a quilt with, (One day I will finish one!) added to my KnitPro collection of tips and cables and bought a smaller cutting board and some beautiful fabrics for next terms sewing group adventures. I played with machines that I aspire to, met many new friends whilst waiting for the show to open and came back with the feeling that this show is just getting better and better. People seemed to come from all over to see the show, I met many people that had flown from Scotland and were staying over at the nearby conference hotels so that they could stay for a few days and take part in the many workshops on offer. Sometimes I don’t realise just how lucky I am to live so near to this event, I think I rather take it for granted.

There were hundreds and hundreds of quilts. I spent two hours looking at them and I am pretty sure that I missed a few, but I was simply too tired to go back on myself. There were many pictorial quilts, although I favour traditional quilts I am always in awe of just how much work must go into a pictorial quilt.

I am just leaving you with a taste of some quilts that I liked.

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