The joy of knowing other knitters.

Last Monday I was pottering around the internet as you do, when I came across a comment from dearest Lucy telling us all about the new arrival of Baby B, ‘ TWO’ months early, Eeek!  He weighed in at a grand total of 3 pounds 7 oz.  Well there was only one thing to do, put a call to arms out to other knitters that I know and cast on.  The poor girl had had an emergency caesarian and was in no fit state to do anything other than look after her beautiful son and having had friends that have given birth early I knew only too well how difficult and expensive it is to clothe a tiny dot such as that.  By Tuesday morning several of them had cast on!  Aren’t knitters wonderful, I didn’t have to explain everything that I have just done to you, I simply said, “she’s had a baby, he’s a dot, which is interrupted by them talking about which item to cast on.  There are some other items in the pipeline but this is what was sent to Lucy today. 

 These were knitted by me and are all preemie size , two cardi’s, two hats.

 and this is a preemie size next to a first born size.

 A couple of photographs of the detail of the ladybirds on my first completed and finally understood Baby Surprise (he sure was!) by Elizabeth Zimmermann.

I do like ladybirds.  They are my favourite bug, they eat all of the greenfly and they are pretty, whats not to love.

 Noelle sat up most of the night knitting this so she could get it in the wash and dry it off for Thursday.  I think red is such a lovely colour on a baby.

 Another lady (Barbara?) at knitting gave me this to keep Baby B’s head lovely and warm.

 There was a lovely matinee set by Kay, which is absolutely dreamy the wool is so soft,

 and this was knitted by Kay too and tickled me to bits. I love it and I sure Lucy will too.

I really am very lucky to have such wonderful friends, thank you so much for all your hard work, I know it will be much appreciated.

Baby B is doing very well and had most of his tubes removed yesterday, its all going as it should. There will be a piccie of Baby B, but I am putting him in Ravelry for a little bit of protection, message me if you would like his whereabouts, he really is beautiful.

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