Mandy’s Socks, Published.

One of the many reasons I have been a little quiet over the summer with regard to my knitting adventures is because of this little baby. 
To cut a long story short, I bump into Kerry of Toft Alpaca quite often at shows and we always stop for a chat and talk about all things alpaca.  That time I was able to show her my cardigan that I had just finished with her gorgeous Chestnut DK, but soon we were talking socks as Kerry had just developed a new line in Baby Alpaca Sock Yarn which was dreamily soft and had 20% nylon for durability and strength. I became quite giddy, then took a huge intake of breath, Baby Alpaca Sock Yarn, Wow, I think I was stunned for just a moment.  As all my readers and fellow knitters know about me, socks are my first love, and fine yarns are my second. 
When Kerry asked me to design a sock for Toft, I jumped at the chance.  I then spent the next few months developing an idea and learning how to use new softwear.  I wanted something beautiful that would illustrate the softness and beauty of the yarn, that looked very complex, but that would allow the knitter if they took it gently, line by line to complete the project without hiccups, allowing them to feel hugely satisfied with their sock knitting adventure.  I wanted a sock ideally suited for log fires and roasting marshmallows, but that would still allow the wearer to slip them into a boot or shoe for expeditions on even the frostiest of days.   
I also wanted something that would gratify all women regardless of shoe size and with the use of cable, rib and lace these socks will pull in or stretch out to fit the most delicate of tootsies or calloused of hooves. 
Let me tell you about the Baby Alpaca Sock Yarn, it is dreamy, I knit sock after sock after sock in my pursuit of perfection, the yarn held up extremely well.  It was so soft in the hands to work with that every evening I looked forward to the treat of knitting with it.  Its everything that you could ever want in a sock yarn, soft and cozy with an inner strength not apparent until needed.  And of course being alpaca it is warm, very warm. 
I’ve been told the girls at Toft have loved the design and have eagerly devoured this pattern to knit up a pair each for themselves. 
Here is the link.   Mandy’s socks for Toft Alpaca
And here are a few piccies, taken quickly before the rain became heavier, giving you a chance to see the cable, lace, ribs and heel. 

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