Homeward Bound.

A few weeks ago, shortly after finishing, but after having had enough days to recover, I came home for a couple of days to see my family.   Hubby and I had organised it so that we did a house swop, so as to give him access to the house with son no. 2 to do a couple of jobs and also to look after Toile.  As at that point she was not completely vaccinated and still too small for the train trip home.     Going home 1

Although I think she had other ideas and wanted to become the traveling cat we hope she will one day become.

carnival 1

This was the weekend of the annual carnival, it was a sweet memory to see the children enjoying themselves. carnival 2The floats were a riot of colour combined with carnival fun, as one would expect from my home town.  My town may be small, compared to our larger neighbours, but we do the  best carnival for miles around. carnival 3It was great to see son no.1, handsome as ever.  And Mum and Dad, Aunties, Uncles, cousins and second cousins and third cousins. And I spent the most delightful evening cuddling our newest member of our family, a nine week old baby girl, (my third cousin!)  I could still smell her baby smell in the morning where she had snuggled so tightly against me the previous evening and I remembered cuddling her Mum when she was the same age.   But after a couple of days socialising and catching up, it was time to head home, to complete the house swop. returningAnd sure enough, I had one very eager furry person waiting to see me, who literally leapt into my arms and hugged me like the ball of fluff baby she is, purring loudly all the time.  Don’t worry Toile, you’ll be coming home with me next time to meet the other hairy members of the our family and thats not just son no.1   Toile communing with me in the morning sun, very happy to see me home.

3 thoughts on “Homeward Bound.

  1. Jenny says:

    Toile is the prettiest little girl ever! How wonderful that you have her.
    She reminds me of my sons five year old, Olivia. He travels a lot and I mean a lot, for work and his two girls always break their little hearts when he goes which in turn breaks his heart and ruins any good time he might have on his trip.
    The last time he went Olivia had packed her little suitcase and was trying to hide it so that when the taxi came to take him to the airport she could sneak in and go with him!
    Needless to say, that completely ruined his trip and he had to peel her off him, screaming, to leave.
    He’s now looking for another job with no travel!


  2. mandycharlie says:

    Oh bless her, its so difficult when a parent has to travel for work, hubby used to go for a month at a time. The boys were very difficult to handle for the first ten days and then we would start to settle into a routine, and then he’d come back again and they would act up again! Hope he finds something suitable soon.


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