The allotment cat.

We keep seeing this lovely cat wandering around, we are pretty sure we used to see her mother. She is as fit as a flea and in fantastic condition, so I am just not too sure that she isn’t owned by one of our neighbours, we know our cats take to wandering the allotments in high summer looking for mice.

Anyway, just in case we have taken to leaving a little dried food at the shed every day and overnight it is always eaten. We know she likes to travel through our allotment as one of her paths so we feel sure that she has eaten it. Until today she had steadfastly ignored us. But today she came directly to me and begged to be picked up and purred her little head off. It was so nice.

Isn’t she cute. Come winter if she is about too often I am going to have to go knocking neighbours doors just to see if she does have a home. If she is not fly catching so often I would say she has gone home to a nice warm fire.

2 thoughts on “The allotment cat.

    • mandycharlie says:

      If she doesn’t come into season/pregnancy it would indicate she has been spayed, so might have a home. I’m not sure the dogs or cats would accept another cat. Although in the middle of winter I’d just bring her home and make a cat den out of one of the bedrooms. I wouldn’t leave her to freeze.


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