And very Fetching it is too.

Here is my very first attempt at cableing. A pair of Fetching fingerless gloves in Austermann Bamboo Soft, chocolate. I love them and they are going to be just perfect in the colder months up at the plot. Mum has asked me for a pair, but then mum greets all of my new projects with… “is that for me”, said in high pitched, very hopeful tones. Of course I will knit her a pair, along with some very lovely fuzzy feet slippers.

The beginning.

Well, this is all very interesting. The blog world. I joined Ravelry you see and from then on it was all down hill. Seeing everybody’s lovely blogs made me wish for my own. So here it is.

If anyone should read it, I hope you enjoy it.

I have been knitting today, I went to a knitting group for the first time yesterday, which was very nice and met some lovely ladies. Anna, the owner of Web of Wool, then taught me how to cable, so today I have been knitting one of a pair of fingerless gloves called Fetching. It looks like they will be quite successful and extremely useful down on the plot when I’m pricking out my winter cabbages and generally potting things on in the shed.

My or should I say hubby’s tomatoes, who he has shown such devotion to have done wonderfully well, as have the courgettes. Our runner and french beans are nearly finished, but we have lots of other lovely veg to keep us going through the autumn and winter.

The chickens are still laying, the aracanas seem to be putting a bit of a spurt on as we are getting a blue/green egg nearly every day from both of them. I wonder how long they will carry on for with the dark nights coming. I really miss our lovely fresh eggs in the winter. Shop bought, no matter how lovingly reared it says the hens are on the packet, just aren’t the same.