Christmas 2021

As with all Christmases since the start of the pandemic this one was no different in the sense of confusion as to what to do. For health reasons we needed to try and make sure hubby does not catch covid so we basically cancelled Christmas yet again, but then, a ray of sunshine poked through our dark cloud highlighting its silver lining and son no.1 was allowed to come home for Christmas as he’d been working from home and had been self isolating for the last five days.

Just before he came home I had finished the Christmas cake decorating. I think that was reasonably successful.

The top cake for us and the penguins for Dad. Hubby is well into the cake now and I’m not sure if it will last until new year!

The Christmas tree was very nicely decorated by hubby this year, I think he did a wonderful job.

It may be a little wobbly, but it is very well loved and makes us both very happy to see it twinkling in the corner of the room.

This year I decided to try and grow some paper whites.

And they surprised us by beginning to flower a couple of days before Christmas. They are getting a bit leggy now so I think they need a little more gin to slow down their growth.

Son no.1 and I managed a Christmas walk to feed the ducks and walk by the lovely houses by the castle.

The onion bagels have been made, so it must be Christmas Eve,

As were a big batch of pumpkin, chestnut and stilton rolls, which were very popular with hubby and son no.1.

On Christmas morning we managed to nip round to my Dad’s to say Happy Christmas and managed a quick selfie.

We managed a quick selfie too.

I think the turkey was the best we have ever had.

And hubbies Christmas pudding was a triumph.

And Christmas must nearly be over as the last of the turkey has been made into a turkey and ham pie with homegrown leeks and mushrooms.

We had a lovely few days, feasting and relaxing, it was the best of times.

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