Judge and Jury.

Well before Christmas I was asked to be a Judge at Warwick Horticultural Society’s Annual Show. Well I was tickled pink to be asked and I am still not quite sure how my name came up.  Come the day I trotted off to St Nicholas Park to judge the crafting and knitting section.
 I was given this, less anyone should forget the importance of my decision making. 
And set to work judging the crafting and knitting.  Unfortunately I couldn’t take a photograph as the cakes were still being judged.  I actually started to feel sorry for that particular Judge as the cakes and biscuits stretched the full length of the tent.  Getting back to my judging it was more difficult than you might imagine, but eventually I settled on what I deemed to be a fair decision. 
 I managed to take a few snaps of the vegetables with my iphone. 
 So pretty. 
Loved the sunflowers. 
I had a lovely time chatting about vegetable growing and allotments. 

“Shaken, not stirred…”

You might not recognise our agent 007, its son no.2 to me and you. 
Warwick Castle was putting on a casino evening for the staff. 
 He certainly launched himself into the role by dashing out to buy a suitable suit, shirt and shoes!
(He did have a beautiful red silk bow tie to go with his new outfit, but we couldn’t master the complexities of it before he went out for the evening, so he borrowed a tie from his Dad.) 

August Bank Holiday

We found a field in which was a local beer festival, 
 note the use of a cardigan, 
 and the wearing of coats by others, 
 but in true British style, there was Pimms.
 One afternoon was spent in adoration of a certain Squire.  Our names were mentioned in comedic fashion during the show, which made us giggle. 

The boy loves his summer job, we must get him horse riding lessons. 

Festival of Quilts 2012

I had a wonderful day yesterday wandering around the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.  This show just gets better and better, the quilts are amazing, the shopping is never ending and the women are wonderful. I like to go on my own, it is a treat to myself to be able to wander at will without any regard for anyone else.  Which might sound a little selfish, but I relish every moment of it.  I met so many people that I know in the crafting world, there were hugs, gossip and laughter, what more could a girl want. 
Just a couple of photographs this year. The time ran away with me. 
 I loved this, 
 the detail was inspiring. 
 I thought I had stepped back in time some 23 years when I saw this quilt. This quilt is the absolute image of Suki and Pippa, our lovely Whippets long since gone to rainbow bridge. I think the artist captured the whippety features and characters a treat. 
 Just so pretty. 
As I say not much in the photographic department this year. 
But there was shopping. (you knew there would be) 
A brand new pair of dressmaking scissors, some fabric for a skirt for Christmas/New Year. And then there was two lengths of linen, and a length of cotton for skirts and two lengths of silks for tops.  

Missing in Action.

Apologies for not updating the blog recently, but this summer the galloping trots bug caught a hold of my immune system and simply wouldn’t let go. 
I completely missed one week of the Olympics due to not being able to manage to sit up for more than 15 minutes before exhaustion struck and the second week saw one day where I was much better and then strike two of the bug from what must have been the Shire horse version. 
Therefore I have done barely anything and I haven’t been anywhere. 
So just to amuse you as much as I, I have finally downloaded a short video we took of son no.2 performing part of his duties as a Squire at Warwick Castle that we took during the Whitsun holiday.  
It makes me smile. 
p.s. feeling much better, fingers crossed. 

Happy 23rd Birthday Son.

Son no.1 started the day with this. 
 and very nice it was too.  He then went out with is mates…  he’s 23 what can you do. 
 And the next day we took him to one of our favourite chinese restaurants which has just been refurbished.  We had a lovely time. 
 Hubby looking like he was being presented with the bill.  (why do men pull funny faces?) 
 And me, pretty in pink, (I am trying this colour, I have never tried this colour before, it would have clashed with my hair, but it seems to go quite well now!) 
 Son no.2 dislikes the camera coming out. 
 And gets rewarded with a hearty laugh from hubby, whilst son no.1 is saying, ‘don’t be a knob, just get this over with’. 
 And so it goes on.  We are seriously (tongue in cheek)worried that he is going to be a psychopath or a genius child. Its going to be one way or the other. 
And this was the best family shot I can get.  Never work with children or animals, oh and did you notice the sideburns?  
Getting back to son no.1 whose birthday it was, I can’t quite believe that twenty three years have gone so quickly, it does make you emotional no matter how hard you try and as you know I can leak at the drop of a hat.  He is starting a new chapter of his life very soon and one we all wish him well on, after all, I am hoping for my sewing room back by the time I am fifty.   It was all going so well… 

My boys, I love them so. 
(this all happened before I became ill,  I am still dealing with the bug, it looks like its going to last a few more days, however I am much improved compared to how I was last week.   Thank you to all who sent messages over the internet highways, they made me smile and were very much appreciated, a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy day.  Thank you xxx) 

Florence Nightingale.

Since I became quite poorly with a gastric bug last Monday I have become a moaning minnie ,  I mean to say Florence has taken to paying me a visit to check on me. 
 I am sure you can see this cat smile. 
I think all sick beds should have the addition of a warm purring cat at least for a few minutes a day. 
We are having to keep the Golden Retriever away, I couldn’t have him land on my poorly tummy at the moment, rest assured I get up for a little while to say hello to him and find him laying across the bottom of the stairs, lest it should escape his notice that I have escaped from my bedroom. 
I am doing all right on the knitting magazine stakes, The Knitter came on Thursday, Interweave Knits came today and is still unwrapped waiting for the most delightful of moments to unwrap it and a new wool shop has opened in Leamington and hubby went to it on a spying mission and bought me a couple of lovely Rowan magazines. (more on that another day)   Actually I don’t know what I would have done without hubby in the last week, he took the week off work and became Florence Nightingales understudy and has helped me in all manner of uncomfortable situations. 
I would like to say I am getting better, but I am clearly not, although I am holding my own on the hydration stakes, diorolite has become my best friend and today I woke up without the cracking hangover dehydration headache and without the right hand side kidney pain.  
Samples have been taken as we ended up in the out of hours doctors clinic looking for extra help last night.  
I am allright really, as I said, I have become a bit of a whinge bag.