Christmas Day 2014

Our family on Christmas day.  We barely took any photographs what with the rush job that Christmas was put together in, bearing in mind I was home several days late because of a nasty cold bug.  It was nice to see my boys and to catch up in their lives.  And I really don’t think I have seen son no.2 smile like that – ever!  I’m so glad I nailed that present – a pasta maker for those interested, he’s getting to be quite a serious cook. Son no.1 enjoyed getting his how to make mozzerella cheese present, so between them I’m expected some decent ravioli next time I’m home.  They had fun with the reindeer hats and  I’m sure they are going to be brought out on more than one occasion.  Christmas – our way.
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A tongue in cheek Christmas Lecture.

I do love the Christmas Lecturers by The Royal Institution just after Christmas.  I love the whiz and the bangs and the way that my brain wanders off to think of the subject that is being taught to eager young people.

So to that end, here is Toile’s and I tongue in cheek Christmas lecture.

In the autumn a friend of mine pointed out the cats loving circles phenomenon that was trending.   I said I would give it a go and see what Toile thought about it.  The premise was that cats love circles and will enter them, although no one knows the reason why. cat circle 1

So I made a circle out of bin circle 2

Toile came over immediately. cat circle 3

And sat in the middle of it and sat and sat and sat until she must have had a very cold bottom, looked at me rather haughtily and stalked off.  Toile has never had a circular bed, so we can take that out of the equation.
cat circle 4

Next I made another circle out of circular knitting needles, I didn’t think this would work. cat circle 5

Toile immediately started to move. cat circle 6

Walked over to investigate. cat circle 7

And lay down in the middle of it.  Mmmm, we have got something going on circle 9

Next I changed the circular needles to the floor.

cat circle 11Toile jumped down and stretched out again.
cat circle 12

I decided to change material and just used a strip of fabric I had lying around.
cat circle 13 By this time, Toile was enjoying the game and came over to examine what I was doing. cat circle 14

Jumped straight into the middle of it

cat circle 15

and lay down.
cat circle 16

And if this doesn’t prove that cats like circles, I don’t know what will.  Why, is a completely different question.