Reading in Heels, January,2019.

  • After the busy time of Christmas and New Year we enter the gloomy part of the year. I find this year has been mainly damp and dark rather than the light, cold, crisp, days of last winter. So when Reading in Heels announced its arrival by the gentle tap on the door of our postie, I was a very happy girl.
  • Don’t you find the best part of any present receiving is the anticipation? I know I do. I gazed, shivered a little inwardly in excitement and dove in. I was not disappointed. Let’s start with the book, which of course is our primary objective. “The Outrun” by Amy Liptrot. Which is a Sunday Times best seller along with accolades from various newspapers. Reading in Heels tells us that this is a book that makes us think and reflect on life, it is brave, hopeful and moving. It is set in the sparse, spectacular and wild landscape of Orkney, this book makes you want to look up and around. It allows the power of nature and the world around you to inspire you a little more each day. Life affirming, poetic and honest, it’s a book that will stay with you. I can’t wait to start reading it to hear the rhythms of that space in time. Cost £9.99
  • Next we have a bar of Nucao Hazelnut, and very nice it was too, organic raw cacao with hemp seeds and hazelnuts. I hid that one from hubby and have been nibbling a small triangle or two at night while reading, which is very good for the soul in the middle of winter. Cost £2.69 for 40 grams!
  • A Skin & Tonic rose lip balm, which I’m using day and night as I’ve managed to catch hubby’s virus and my lips have become crusty and sore and I find this quite pleasant on them. It’s made from organic shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. Cost £3.50
  • Along with two bags of tea from Supertea and a bespoke notebook, which are always useful.
  • I’ve cancelled my make-up subscriptions for the foreseeable as I have everything I need, along with my food subscription box as our cupboards are winter full. But this subscription is definitely a keeper, it’s the best £12.40 I spend all month.

    Thank you Reading in Heels, another lovely box.