Skirts, Skirts, Skirts!

Well actually only two. 
Braving the snow on Saturday I took the train to the NEC for the spring Sewing for Pleasure, Stitching, Beading and Knitting and Hobbycraft (and everything else thrown in) show. 
It was wonderful, I met old friends (hi Belinda and Ruth)  and made new ones – hi Pauline, who ran after me to say hi as she remembered me from my blog – it was lovely to meet you and yes, you should get to Woolwarehouse – it is wonderful. 
My shopping list was to find inspiration for my next brief at college, a dress, inspiration taken from the seventies.  I decided at the last minute to listen to a lecture and was absolutely transported to a time of crochet and flower power, but in a much more contemporary way.  I have ideas that I need to test out to see if my ideas will work,  its all very exciting.
And the other item on my shopping list was fabric for summer skirts.  Whilst on the way to my very favourite stall, more of that in a moment, I saw this fabric and it really made me giggle.  I showed son no.2 through the medium of skype and he said it looked like Easter Egg Skulls which I thought was very descriptive.  Should you wish to make a skirt or a pump bag out of this it is from “alegria” Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection 2012. 
I altered my straight skirt block by cutting up to the dart and fanning the bottom of the skirt out whilst at the same time closing the dart to create a skirt that would fit on a 44″ width of fabric by the length of 1.5 metres. (I wonder if anyone else uses imperial and metric in the same sentence?)  So that I had a nicely A-line skirt. It took all of twenty minutes, which was a complete redraw.  A couple of hours later I had this. 
It still makes me giggle, its going to be such fun wearing it. 
And then I went to my very favourite shop, Eternal Maker. 
I so love this shop.  I particularly love the Japanese linen and linen blend fabrics, they are a lovely weight and just so wacky.  You’ll have to wait to see the other fabrics that I bought but watch out for the retro clocks and penguins, they are just such fun. 
 On Monday, I washed, dried and ironed this fabric whilst waiting for the engineer to repair the poorly dishwasher, and then in the two hour window before hubby came home whipped up this skirt and was nearly finished apart from sewing on the facing and understitching it.

I see lots of skirts in bright and wacky linens in my future and possibly in yours.

At last – Townsmen costumes finished.

 Just a quick peek at them, I should have even better photographs soon.  Son no.1 came into the studio just as I finished sewing the last few stitches on them so I grabbed him and asked him to model them for me.  These have been made to look big on a smaller frame, which is why the arms are so very small on him.  He liked them though and I am hoping to be able to buy them back to put in my portfolio.  If you’d like to come and see all of our lovely costumes, Playbox theatre are performing Ramayana in April and seats are selling fast.

This was alot of work, with much research, I for one am very pleased with my outfits.  I think all of the outfits have come together very well and I have to tell you that Sita’s outfit (who is the main princess in the story) was finished this week and it is absolutely gorgeous.  
Can’t wait to see the show.

Quick taster

Just a quick taster of what I have been doing for the past few weeks. 
At the moment we are designing and making costumes for Playbox production of Ramayana.  I am making two costumes for characters called The Townsmen, they are important to the script as they open the play and narrate it all the way through. I didn’t find this out until after I’d designed their costumes, having said that, I think the costumes work well enough to go all the way through the play, although the actor with the full length sleeves may end up being rather warm, these costumes certainly hold the heat. 
Since this photograph the hood has been taken off and lined and resewn back on as I wasn’t happy with it. So have the arms, they weren’t right.  This one is just about there now and I am working at full speed to finish the other costume. 
All of this is my own design including the print. 

But tonight, well tonight I am knitting, I haven’t knit or crocheted for nearly two weeks and I desperately need some down time.  Tomorrow I am back to homework and starting my personal statement for UCAS. We had a quick trip to London yesterday to look at a University, they have a few places left for this September,  I probably won’t be successful, but if I don’t try I will never know.