Quick taster

Just a quick taster of what I have been doing for the past few weeks. 
At the moment we are designing and making costumes for Playbox production of Ramayana.  I am making two costumes for characters called The Townsmen, they are important to the script as they open the play and narrate it all the way through. I didn’t find this out until after I’d designed their costumes, having said that, I think the costumes work well enough to go all the way through the play, although the actor with the full length sleeves may end up being rather warm, these costumes certainly hold the heat. 
Since this photograph the hood has been taken off and lined and resewn back on as I wasn’t happy with it. So have the arms, they weren’t right.  This one is just about there now and I am working at full speed to finish the other costume. 
All of this is my own design including the print. 

But tonight, well tonight I am knitting, I haven’t knit or crocheted for nearly two weeks and I desperately need some down time.  Tomorrow I am back to homework and starting my personal statement for UCAS. We had a quick trip to London yesterday to look at a University, they have a few places left for this September,  I probably won’t be successful, but if I don’t try I will never know. 

One thought on “Quick taster

  1. Carie says:

    That print is just gorgeous – and very you! Good luck with the trials and tribulations of UCAS; they'd be crazy not to want you with the lovely work you've produced this year.


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