Covent Garden

As you might imagine there has been a little time for exploring. 
This time I decided to explore Covent Garden.  No longer full of traders calling out the price of their fruit or the freshness of their veg, but rather small boutique shops which prove very tempting.

I love the buzz of London, you never know what you are going to find, just around this corner was an actor drawing the crowds whilst walking on his hands.
 I was very tempted by these,
 and these.  So cute.
 I thought the chap that made these bags was ingenious, bags made from jackets.  On chatting to him I found out his grandfather was a tailor, it was interesting to see how that had filtered down to him.
 Nice knitting.
And after much scurrying around the back streets I found my favourite satchell shop. 
And then I wandered and was soon upon Leicester Square tube, so decided a quick trip to Oxford Circus was called for, to nip into John Lewis to buy Rowan’s new and rather adorable angora yarn and pattern book.  Homeward bound is very simple from Oxford Circus, I think I am beginning to get this underground trains lark.

It is time to wave goodbye.

and to say hello to my new blog.

I’d like to welcome you to my blog with our antics at Buckingham Palace.

I’ve had a great time here, but I no longer have an allotment and my spare time is still spent knitting but my active time will be spent on all things tailoring, so may I introduce,

The London Tailoress. 

(which is a little bit too grand, but I couldn’t resist when I saw it was still available)

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support over the years, I will never forget your strength when we most needed it.

best wishes to you all,

love Mandy. xx

The Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace.

It was a very exciting day when these came through the post. 
And soon the day dawned and we were here, we were like very excited children.
As we entered the gardens the flower beds took my breath away, so dense one could barely hear the traffic.
 Strawberries and cream were called for.
 Whilst we studied the map and guide. 
(unfortunately I won’t be showing any photographs of the rear of the Palace for security reasons, I am sure you understand why).
 Hubby pondering about his next Christmas present.
 Whilst I was trying it out for comfort not speed.
 I was deeply interested in Bentley’s leather work.
 I found this very satisfying, I am sure it would make a very interesting finish on a quilt or waistcoat.
 Winston Churchill’s cutting pattern.
 Charlie Churchills cutting pattern.
The Queen’s corgi’s enjoying an afternoon stroll.
 The rose garden was of course delighful
 and vibrant.
 The Queen has a beautiful lake with I think three Heron’s enjoying the afternoon, mostly spent fishing.
 We found a bench underneath a beautiful tree and we spent the last hour enjoying the scenery.  I like to think the Queen likes this spot too.
It really was a lovely day.

Pack ups and Museums.

As you may imagine things have been rather busy here of late.  We are slowly sorting the house out, even though it is beautifully appointed, hubby aka the plumbers mates sniffer dog has been doing sterling work as usual and has pulled the kitchen and bathroom to bits to reveal slow leaks.  As the dishwasher/washing machine and shower had never been used they hadn’t been put under pressure.  His instincts prove right and I am getting used to the fact that the kitchen is going to be pulled apart every weekend, however because of this I now have working isolation taps fitted to all of the pipes so that I can separate the washing machine and dishwasher etc and cut off their water supply.  I suspect the same fate awaits the bathroom but he hasn’t told me of this yet, I think he’s trying to prevent my hysteria from becoming worse. 

(Fortunately it looks like a different plumbers work that has put in the boiler and radiators etc, no such problems there) 

Last week I felt pretty tired to be honest but I forced myself packed lunch in tow (with large water bottle) to explore a little part of London on my own.

Carrot and Houmous flat breads with peaches kept me going, well for a little while.  
 But the coffee and cake is just too good at the V & A. 
I saw David Bowie’s exhibition, it was worth it, the music and costumes were great, some of us were bobbing around, much to the horror of the straighter laced viewing public.  There was a very good exhibition about memories, which seemed to touch me on a deeper level, the poetry and imagery were very powerful.

And I have found the local market which was great fun, watermelons the size of a three year old child, 15kg ! and those flat peaches we like dripping with nectar which were three times the size I’ve ever seen them before. They were so gorgeous that I ate four in one afternoon.   I also found a fabric shop which was stuffed to the rafters of very interesting fabrics, so I now have a blouse ready to cut its first toille out.  Hopefully I will crack on with that tomorrow.

What I don’t have is my camera lead to download my lovely photo’s and I can’t even get icloud working properly, I need to think about that, so these piccies are a few I tweeted earlier in the week.

Hubby and I had a great weekend, Borough Market closely followed by I Knit, and today we have finally got the curtains safely in place in the living room bay.  They fell off their brackets in a rather death defying act one evening last week, which made me jump, but they are secure and look great now.

And of course, there has been a little sock knitting to keep me company in the evenings.

I am sure this is a Rico yarn, I’ll try and get the details for the next time.

tatty bye, until the next time. 

Cheesy Rolls and our London House.

Firstly let me tell you I have just, whilst preparing this blog post about son no.2’s genius invention had a phone call to say we have completed on our London house.  So I can now reveal all, at the end of this post.

The story starts thus, son no.1 had gotten up late, (by this I mean 1.30 in the afternoon) and was dashing around trying to get his things ready for work and was fast running out of time when son no.2 said, “I’ll cook you some lunch” and ushered him out of the kitchen so it was a surprise. 

 He started to rattle those pots and pans and came up with this.  Heinz tomato soup, heavy on the black pepper and fried cheesy rolls.  They went down a treat, later he showed me what he had done.  
 First of all you roll out your bread with a rolling pin, then cut the crusts off.  Then grate cheese over and spread out (this photo was taken before the spreading out)
 And roll and squeeze and pinch.
 Then shallow fry in a frying pan, turning them as you need to.
They made really delicious treats, with only three ingredients and were perfect to dip into soup and munch on and then munch on without the soup and I couldn’t decide which way I preferred them, they were very good. 
Anyway onto other news….
We’ve bought a house, in London, which is crazy, but sensible. Bearing in mind that it is cheaper to buy a property than rent a single room in a shared house, interest rates being what they are. 
Do you wanna see it? 
 My little three bedroom Victorian terrace, who is 120 years old.  Do you notice the original tiled path, cute isn’t it.
She’s been gutted, rewired, replumbed, new boiler, new radiators, new kitchen, new bathroom, some new windows, re rendered at the back, new outside plumbing, new carpets, all newly decorated.  We are VERY lucky to get her.  (I think she is a girl house)  
These photos were taken on our second viewing when we measured up for curtains. 
 She has a very pretty kitchen, (the garden is a work in progress) which includes integral cooker, hob, freezer, fridge, washing machine and dishwasher!
 You can see we don’t have a hall way anymore as we have one big room downstairs.  Even with that it still feels very cosy.
 Two  fireplaces, with Victorian fireplaces being fitted, that work.
Upstairs we have a brand new bathroom with a brand new shower.
 The main bedroom, the avenue is lined with young trees.
 The second bedroom. 
I can’t actually photograph the third bedroom as its too small, about 6 ft 6″ square, but it has a window and it will make a great study, sewing room.
There is still a little bit of work to do on her, but not very much, hubby will be putting up curtain rails today and I’m meant to be packing up my stuff to move in early next week.
It is very exciting.

Shocking behaviour!

I went to see my mother recently and popped to her loo, as you do, 
and found THIS
I am sure I audibly gasped.
You might remember them as this, socks for Dad in
Wollmeise 100% Merino in colourway Zenzi.  
After I had gotten over the shock of many hours work and gorgeous wool being used to dust her floors, I could see the sense in it.  And although I am tempted to appear with the end of the ball of wool and a wooden mushroom complete with tapestry needle to allow Dad to practise his skills at darning, which is why they are no longer in the sock draw.  I have decided mum should enjoy her polishing with the grooviest  duster you ever will find.