Blackberry Whisky.

I can’t remember where I first read about River Cottage producing their first Christmas recipe book, Christmas at River Cottage. I suspect it was some self promotion in the Sunday Times by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall or just a passing comment that I noticed on the internet, but my interest was piqued so I picked up a copy. To be honest and I know Christmas is looming but I’ve only glanced through it so far. But the recipe for Blackberry Whisky called to me and I happened to mention it to a friend, who does not have television or I think Sunday Times’s much preferring to gather his news through the medium of radio and he immediately waxed lyrical about hearing Hugh F-W on the radio and how if you stored the blackberry whisky for three years it transformed into the nectar of the gods.

The recipe looks to me a little short on sugar, but having read around the subject I think the idea is you add sugar at the end while bottling. I like this idea as I often find things too sweet for me, so it is good to retain control. I also could not fit the required 2kg of blackberries into my jar, just fitting in 1.2 kg. But again that was a very generous amount of blackberries according to some other recipes I’ve found, so I am sure it will work out.

Day 1, adding the frozen blackberries, all picked from my own blackberry bush, so I know they haven’t been sprayed.

One full bottle of whisky added along with the sugar. It will be shaken daily until the sugar has dissolved and then when I remember for about three months or so and then decanted into a bottle.

We will see. I will have to save some to see what it is like in three years time. It might become a regular item to make. I’m not normally a fan of whisky but I know a few that are.

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