Son no.2 has blessed us with his presence for the last few days which has been wonderful. During this time we managed to organise an evening out. Which is not as easy as you would think when son no.1 has such an extensive social life.

We then tried to book four seats at our local flea pit to watch The Kings Speech to find they were fully booked, which then sent out all of our timings and where we were going to eat for the evening. So it was decided that we would eat first and Indian cuisine was voted for, so we quickly rang an Indian restaurant that is so busy if you don’t book you can’t get in. Fortunately we were in time and secured a table. The food was delicious as usual and set everyone into a very good mood. We then had an hour and a half before the film so it was decided that we would take a trip out to ToyRus. I haven’t been there for years, it was great fun.

The boys did what they always did, ran off. It took me a while to find them.

Son no.1 called to me just before cracking this joke with an oven. “I know how you feel love” I said and playfully pulled him out with a “Don’t do eeeiit”

And then son no.2 found this triceratops which tickled him completely. This is him calling his brother over to have a look.

The triceratops moves his head and roars, look at the smile on the boy.

Yep son no.1 appears on the scene.

Son no. 2 deep in studying it mode.

Ooh yeah, still looking at it!

And just one final examination of the power of its jaws.

Hubby was suitably impressed. (it may have been full tummy syndrome)

Studiously looking at the microwaves.

“It works just like ours!”

And then onto the Pizza. Obviously these boys need more toys, they even admired the washing machine! (at this point I could show you a photograph of the pile of washing son no.1 has just dumped in the kitchen, but I won’t be that cruel – Its a toy son, honestly!!!!)

There has been knitting, this is a cardigan called Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnston I cast on on New Years Eve and have been steadily knitting it ever since. My chosen yarn is Rowan Purelife Organic in Horsetail and I am falling deeply in love with it.

There are lots of nice little details on this cardigan, the twisted long ribs and the decorative lace to name but two. It is knit in the round and has an unusual way to attach the sleeves, which I liked, its a very nicely written pattern. Another week’s knitting and finishing and we should be there. I’ve knitted it on the smaller of me side so that I shrink into it!

A red dress for Valentines.

I have no idea what prompted this urge to knit a beautiful red dress for Valentines for my delightful god daughter. Was it the rush of god motherly love that I so often feel for her? Was it the desire to play at dressing a girl?, real life baby girls are So much better than dolls. Or was it simply that I wished to play with red wool? Who knows, but what I do know is one moment I was happily knitting my spring cardigan, and the next I was knee deep in stash where hubby surprised me and saw my happy face as I had just found the required red aran I was looking for.

Next was to find a pattern that would suit and have I told you recently just how much I love Ravelry. Another happy hour was spent critiquing the dresses until I found the perfect one. Golden Rose Baby Sundress by Wendi Dunlap or if your are a member here is the link in Ravelry
As soon as I saw this beautiful dress I knew it was perfect for Miss Kitty.

So I started to knit and knit and knit and the wonderful aspect of this dress is that it has a very full skirt which I love which is then gathered together just under the bodice to form soft gentle folds. I was quite tempted to make a petticoat of many layers to fluff out the skirt but not knowing Kitty’s exact waist measurement it might have been a bit tricky. I’d finished one half of the dress which I had lengthened by one inch as Kitty is long for her age, and was quite happy with it, until I happened to meet Kitty and her Mum unexpectedly for coffee and realised with shock and just a little bit of horror just how much Kitty had grown.

Using my hand as a measuring guide, (I have a near perfect eight inch span which is useful) as well as Carie’s beautiful dress for Kitty she had just completed and happened to be with her realised that my dress would only just cover Kitty’s bottom! which would never do. So I undid the top added another two inches to the skirt, which means it is three inches longer than it should be! (did I tell you she has very tall parents) and carried on.

Five balls of Aran Cashsoft by Rowan in Poppy 10 later, you have this.

A pretty red Pinafore for Valentines day.

There are some nice details to this dress. Simple but effective moss stitch,

and pretty lace at the bottom of the skirt.

Kitty modeling her dress, assisted by Daddy and staring happily at Mummy.

But Mummy being a clever blogger too, knew that I was after a shot with Kitty smiling at the camera. Mummy is on the move,

and Kitty is really not sure what is happening. “Where is Mummy going?”

“Oh, there she is” as Mummy is stood behind me.

“That’s my Mummy, she smells of milk, I like milk”

“And I like snuggling into Daddy”

“And I think I quite like this dress”

Our workshop with Debbie Abrahams.

It all started in June 2010 when I emailed Debbie Abrahams to see if she would be willing to come to Kenilworth to teach a workshop. Debbie came back to me offering her workshops that she normally covers, where upon I became very cheeky and asked her ever so nicely if she could cover beading, intarsia and fairisle in one go. Debbie very kindly agreed to teach a workshop covering all three techniques which was extremely generous of her.

Emails shot backwards and forwards between us in the intervening months covering various necessities, whilst all of this time I was quite giddy about having such a wondrous and quite famous (in the knitting world) knitter coming to us.

The day dawned and I headed off to The Almanack who do a wonderful job in looking after us to be quickly joined by many of our group. Debbie arrived, along with her beautiful blankets, books, dvd’s and beads.

These blankets are exclusive to her mystery blanket clubs and I find them absolutely stunning. This is mystery blanket 2009 called Arabian Nights. I think this is my favourite blanket, I would love to own this. (If anyone knows of a spare kit, give me a nudge!)

Arabian Nights with a pile of Debbie’s books which were stunning, one could happily pass the day gazing at the lovely photography of her blankets.

This is my second favourite blanket, although it is very difficult to have favourites when they are all quite exquisite. This is In the Country, mystery blanket 2008.

And underneath here is Beneath the Sea mystery blanket 2010 which also tickled me. Debbie has told us she still has a handful (approximately five) of places left on the 2011 blanket. So be quick if your interested because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

These are her lovely beads, which are beautiful to work with in your knitting.

We set to work and had a very busy morning, followed by a lovely lunch.

Pictures of everybody hard at work,

it was an intensive workshop we learnt a books worth of techniques in one day!

And Debbie was a very attentive teacher,

Debbie looking quite calm and stress free, considering how much she had to teach I am very impressed.

Time to go home and a quick snapshot of some pieces of work. They are all looking wonderful and we have the pattern, yarn and beads to complete our little bags.

As you can see we all learn’t a lot, through Debbie’s wonderful teaching. I’ll try and finish my bag soon to show you although I have spent a large part of the day drooling over Debbie’s book, Blankets and Throws to Knit, choosing a blanket that will be lovely to knit with my new found skills. Intarsia, fairisle and beading, here I come….