Venus and Jupiter

The sky at night is very exciting at the moment.  I managed to capture Venus and Jupiter either side of the Moon on my little camera two nights ago.  We looked for Mercury too, but we were too late as Mercury must have tipped over the horizon.  I was that excited I rang my Dad to tell him what was going on. 
Lots to look out for this month, some good information Here and Here

Valentine Roses

Hubby gave me some beautiful roses on Valentines as well as whisking me off to dinner, where I was given another deliciously long stemmed red rose.  I thought it would be fun to photograph them as they gently bloomed to show all of their glory.  The roses have only just gone over. 

And the man himself, fast asleep with Eric. 

At last.

Shamefully I have to admit to starting this project in August 2009.  I had been knitting about eighteen months by then and although I had knit up a fair few socks, I had only knitted up a couple of adult sized garments. Though I had managed to finish them with some degree of competency, my confidence deserted me with this garment.  I really wanted it to be special not least because the yarn was very beautiful and I loved the pattern.  This is Surface by Norah Gaughan published for free in Knitty, Winter 2008 and the yarn is Toft Alpaca DK in brown which I had splurged on at The Royal Show.  I can still remember the giddy feeling I had as I walked away from Toft’s mobile shop, deliriously happy with my new found yarn, or was that the 1/2 pint of dry cider that I’d consumed with lunch!
This year I am finishing up garments that have been started and cast to one side for whatever reason, or they are to be frogged.  This is the most glamorous, the rest are socks, gloves etc, that are started and then casually cast to one side in favour of another project that I simply have to start. 
Today, we tootled off to Hanbury Hall which was very pretty, but oh so cold. But like a true professional, I cast aside my heavy outdoors coat, hat and very thick scarf to show you all my newly completed Surface.  I finished it on Valentines day and hubby was so pleased with the way I looked in it that he took me out to dinner. (must remember that little trick!) 

 Trying not to feel the cold.

 Hanbury Hall looking very pretty.

I love the depth of colours in this yarn.  It is not dyed, it comes straight from the Alpaca and if you look carefully at the yarn you see rusts and golds interwoven with browns and reds and blacks and the odd fleck of white hair that has gotten into the mix.  I love it, it is just so me.

The black hole called Bobbles.

First of all lets talk about the boy, this is how we see him most days whilst he is walking from room to room, apparently Eric quite likes it and is often half asleep whilst he is carted up or down the stairs.  The boy adores the cats and needs to cuddle one most of the time.  We saw the specialist last week and his fatty liver is slightly improved, looks like it might be a long job.  But it is improved no matter how slightly, the boy has improved his diet and is walking an hour a day behind the Castle and beyond!  So it is all good. 

I made a pair of Fetchings (free pattern on Ravelry) and a matching hat for a special lady’s 80th birthday

my Mum loves this pattern because they seem to keep her fingers warm and she doesn’t have to take off her gloves to get money out of her purse.  So I hoped they might be a suitable choice for a birthday present.

and I also made prawn vol au vents as my dish to take to her party, there was some really nice food there, a great time was had by all.

I made a pair of socks for a local lady copper (police woman) who has been nicking her husbands socks (that I had made) because they were so warm and cosy.  I thought I had better make her a pair before she gets into trouble with the law.  Apparently she just loves how they fit in her boots and the way that they keep her toes toasty warm.

I am nearly at the end of my cardigan that I started a couple of years ago. *cough*

and have been bobbling at all times of the day and night.

No matter how much time I spend bobbling I don’t seem to get any closer to the end.  I am on my last push for the next few days.  It is completely driving me bonkers that I can’t get this cardigan on my back and everything else has been left to one side, until this is finished.  

Normal service will be resumed, just as soon as I have finished the bobbles.