All of the Bee’s

Because I can’t choose which picture to put up or write clever stories about bee’s apart from the last three pics show the same bee heavily laden with pollen, here are a few of the pics I took, just the ones I really like – the black and white one is a miner bee, I know that one, Dad used to say that he had just been down the pit, that’s why he was black and white. And just as an aside, I never knew that their wings got so bashed about. 

Common Terns rebonding.

It is good to see that the Terns are coming to terms with their loss and the male is starting to work at repairing with his female. He shows his love by bringing her dinner, although she hadn’t taken the fish when I was watching, but he’s a clever boy and it has worked before. I hope they nest somewhere else though, although that doesn’t look likely. It would be lovely to see baby terns about the place.

Bugs, bugs and more bugs.

My regular readers will know that on occasion it has been known for mandycharlie to try something new and become completely hooked, and one never knows where that new to her addiction will lead.

Well, I tried a little close up photography yesterday, Oh My Days, it is so much fun. I have no idea why I haven’t caught this particular bug before. (pun intended)

My first ever bug – a Cardinal Beetle. Pretty little fellow isn’t he. And then I found a Nettle Weevil, so pleased with it.

Next I found a pair mating and have wondered whether to include it, what with this being a family show, but when are you ever going to see a pair of Nettle Weevils mating again.. and they are so pretty… See told you.  I’ve chosen one of the less diagraphic images to show you. But I have to say, in a very hippy way, ‘wow, look at the colours man’.

So while the heat of the summer keeps the birds quiet I’ll be wandering the lanes which are hopefully full of stinging nettles and weeds.


Cake is in the house – Lemon Olive Oil Cake

It is a universal truth that having cake in the house can only be a good thing.  When I was at college and Uni I would often while studying or sewing on my day off, bake a cake to last us all (depending on who was home) a few days at least.  Often on coursework hand in days when I knew the other students would be exhausted I’d bring a tin of freshly baked cake in, much to their astonishment, but once you know how it really only takes a few minutes to knock up a basic cake mix.

I got out of the habit of baking, especially since starting wildlife photography, which has become all encompassing.,  when I stopped to look at the cake at the local supermarket and well they just looked so synthetic.  I made a promise to myself that I would bake a cake and soon.

Some time later… I came across this recipe by Simple Things Magazine,  Lemon Olive Oil Cake and thought I would give it a try.It was a triumph. I used a light olive oil and the cake was moist and oh so delicate with all the air whipped into it and the smell of sugary cake and lemons  have wafted through the house all afternoon. Enjoyed with a cup of tea in the garden in the sunshine.