Bugs, bugs and more bugs.

My regular readers will know that on occasion it has been known for mandycharlie to try something new and become completely hooked, and one never knows where that new to her addiction will lead.

Well, I tried a little close up photography yesterday, Oh My Days, it is so much fun. I have no idea why I haven’t caught this particular bug before. (pun intended)

My first ever bug – a Cardinal Beetle. Pretty little fellow isn’t he. And then I found a Nettle Weevil, so pleased with it.

Next I found a pair mating and have wondered whether to include it, what with this being a family show, but when are you ever going to see a pair of Nettle Weevils mating again.. and they are so pretty… See told you.  I’ve chosen one of the less diagraphic images to show you. But I have to say, in a very hippy way, ‘wow, look at the colours man’.

So while the heat of the summer keeps the birds quiet I’ll be wandering the lanes which are hopefully full of stinging nettles and weeds.


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