The Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace.

It was a very exciting day when these came through the post. 
And soon the day dawned and we were here, we were like very excited children.
As we entered the gardens the flower beds took my breath away, so dense one could barely hear the traffic.
 Strawberries and cream were called for.
 Whilst we studied the map and guide. 
(unfortunately I won’t be showing any photographs of the rear of the Palace for security reasons, I am sure you understand why).
 Hubby pondering about his next Christmas present.
 Whilst I was trying it out for comfort not speed.
 I was deeply interested in Bentley’s leather work.
 I found this very satisfying, I am sure it would make a very interesting finish on a quilt or waistcoat.
 Winston Churchill’s cutting pattern.
 Charlie Churchills cutting pattern.
The Queen’s corgi’s enjoying an afternoon stroll.
 The rose garden was of course delighful
 and vibrant.
 The Queen has a beautiful lake with I think three Heron’s enjoying the afternoon, mostly spent fishing.
 We found a bench underneath a beautiful tree and we spent the last hour enjoying the scenery.  I like to think the Queen likes this spot too.
It really was a lovely day.

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