Pack ups and Museums.

As you may imagine things have been rather busy here of late.  We are slowly sorting the house out, even though it is beautifully appointed, hubby aka the plumbers mates sniffer dog has been doing sterling work as usual and has pulled the kitchen and bathroom to bits to reveal slow leaks.  As the dishwasher/washing machine and shower had never been used they hadn’t been put under pressure.  His instincts prove right and I am getting used to the fact that the kitchen is going to be pulled apart every weekend, however because of this I now have working isolation taps fitted to all of the pipes so that I can separate the washing machine and dishwasher etc and cut off their water supply.  I suspect the same fate awaits the bathroom but he hasn’t told me of this yet, I think he’s trying to prevent my hysteria from becoming worse. 

(Fortunately it looks like a different plumbers work that has put in the boiler and radiators etc, no such problems there) 

Last week I felt pretty tired to be honest but I forced myself packed lunch in tow (with large water bottle) to explore a little part of London on my own.

Carrot and Houmous flat breads with peaches kept me going, well for a little while.  
 But the coffee and cake is just too good at the V & A. 
I saw David Bowie’s exhibition, it was worth it, the music and costumes were great, some of us were bobbing around, much to the horror of the straighter laced viewing public.  There was a very good exhibition about memories, which seemed to touch me on a deeper level, the poetry and imagery were very powerful.

And I have found the local market which was great fun, watermelons the size of a three year old child, 15kg ! and those flat peaches we like dripping with nectar which were three times the size I’ve ever seen them before. They were so gorgeous that I ate four in one afternoon.   I also found a fabric shop which was stuffed to the rafters of very interesting fabrics, so I now have a blouse ready to cut its first toille out.  Hopefully I will crack on with that tomorrow.

What I don’t have is my camera lead to download my lovely photo’s and I can’t even get icloud working properly, I need to think about that, so these piccies are a few I tweeted earlier in the week.

Hubby and I had a great weekend, Borough Market closely followed by I Knit, and today we have finally got the curtains safely in place in the living room bay.  They fell off their brackets in a rather death defying act one evening last week, which made me jump, but they are secure and look great now.

And of course, there has been a little sock knitting to keep me company in the evenings.

I am sure this is a Rico yarn, I’ll try and get the details for the next time.

tatty bye, until the next time. 

One thought on “Pack ups and Museums.

  1. Carie says:

    Ooh pretty socks. I'm sorry the house is being leaky but I suppose at least it's getting fixed in the height of summer when it's a bit easier than coming home on a cold winters day to find your kitchen afloat!If you're back in our vicinity before term starts do let me know, or else we'll have to come to London on a shopping spree to see you!


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