I am sure I have many but my dirty little secret is that I quite like TikTok. You never know what is going to appear and it can be as entertaining as it is educational or just a waste of time, one never knows. But one evening a lady popped up talking about the beauty of growing your own paperwhites for Christmas. I think I have left mine a week or so late, but I’ve made a mental note that I started them on the 1st of December so it will give a good marker for future years.

So I bought some bulbs and a big bag of glass pebbles, also popping into my basket another type of daffodil to try.

The rules as I understand them are one waters them and lets them grow and then after a couple of weeks when they are getting tall, to feed them a measure of gin or vodka so as to stunt their growth and that prevents them getting too leggy. Well I will tell you this, I have never shared my gin with a plant! But if they reward me with a beautiful display of flowers, I will forgive them almost anything.

All set ready to go,

As are the daffs.

Fingers crossed that they bloom.

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