Covent Garden

As you might imagine there has been a little time for exploring. 
This time I decided to explore Covent Garden.  No longer full of traders calling out the price of their fruit or the freshness of their veg, but rather small boutique shops which prove very tempting.

I love the buzz of London, you never know what you are going to find, just around this corner was an actor drawing the crowds whilst walking on his hands.
 I was very tempted by these,
 and these.  So cute.
 I thought the chap that made these bags was ingenious, bags made from jackets.  On chatting to him I found out his grandfather was a tailor, it was interesting to see how that had filtered down to him.
 Nice knitting.
And after much scurrying around the back streets I found my favourite satchell shop. 
And then I wandered and was soon upon Leicester Square tube, so decided a quick trip to Oxford Circus was called for, to nip into John Lewis to buy Rowan’s new and rather adorable angora yarn and pattern book.  Homeward bound is very simple from Oxford Circus, I think I am beginning to get this underground trains lark.

One thought on “Covent Garden

  1. nicemurderknitter says:

    Wow – what excitement you have ahead of you. I can't wait to read all your new adventures. Anyway it's good that not everything works in your new home as it provides us with fun thinking of you juggling with the crazy plumbing. All the best.


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