Its hot in the city, hot in the city, tooooniiiighhhtttt…..

It was very hot today, at 9 a.m. it was starting to scorch and so I made an executive decision, well as executive as you can when there is only me.  I need a big building that was air conditioned. So I went to the V&A and had a wander around the latest eighties exhibition, which was the greatest fun, not as fun as Bowie, should you be in a quandary as to which to see, but very good and most amusing.  To be honest we were stuck in Warwickshire during the eighties so didn’t see the height of fashion and we wouldn’t have had the money to follow it if we had, but we didn’t do too bad with the essence of it, I think we (that’s the royal we, because it certainly wasn’t me) nailed it as much as finances would allow.  I was a permed hair length to beyond shoulders, think Shena Easton with bat wing jumpers and tight jeans and Sis was more of a punk with short dyed blond hair that she spiked or curled depending on her mood, denim jacket and torn jeans (before it became fashionable). 
So that was amusing and I met a new friend. which was fun also. 
And then I decided I need a spot of retail therapy, not least because I needed a birthday card for a special occasion and decided that Harrods might be the place to go.  Just down the road, jumped on a bus, it was too hot to walk and jumped off again into the arms of an air conditioned store.  I stayed for quite a while, hours in fact.  It wasn’t difficult and I only did three of the is it, five or six floors.

A quick piccie of Harrods, Mandycharlie being in full tourist mode.
 And then I forgot to take photographs for quite a while until I saw this by McKenzie-Childs which made me giggle.  I do quite like it, I know its gaudy and over the top, but it makes me laugh.
 And a small section of other beautiful items by McKenzie-Childs, they are fun.  Is it the colour, – you know I like this colour- or is the work, I am not sure, I just like it.  The smallest colander you can see inside the big colander was £58.00 I stopped looking at the prices.  It is London, it is Harrods, what am I expecting?!  But it was nice to look.
 So just gone five I hopped back on the bus to get to South Kensington and decided to treat myself to a latte and this pastry was just too delicious looking to ignore – its carefully sat in my fridge at the moment waiting for after supper.
 When all of a sudden, these chaps appeared who started to serenade us, I managed to find some change in my purse, they were excellent fun.
 I loved the signage of South Kensington Station, it reminded me of Art Nouveau and the beautiful lettering and curves of that era. 
I am sure it was done on a budget though, one only has to look at Hector Guimard famous entrances to the Paris Metro to see what was possible at this time.  
Even so, it gave me joy to see it.

2 thoughts on “Its hot in the city, hot in the city, tooooniiiighhhtttt…..

  1. amelia says:

    I'm so glad you found A/C. We couldn't survive without it here, absolutely everything is air conditioned. I have never seen Harrods in all it's glory before so thank you for that beautiful picture!I hope that pastry was a good as it looks!


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