When my twin sister came to London.

I’d like to introduce you to my twin sister, we have a tempestuous relationship, even at the best of times, think intense sibling rivalry along with being able to push each others buttons to cause maximum irritation and you’ll start to get a little closer to what our relationship is like.  But it is what it is and at the moment we are floating on calmer waters so in the interests of sisterly love I invited her to stay.  
 Friday night, straight out of Euston and into Cafe Rouge, several bottles of wine later, I have no idea how I got home apart from I can remember negotiating the tubes but not much more than that.  I did however finish cooking the meal and served us a lovely homemade lamb rogan josh with rice and bits and bobs. 
 Next morning we headed off to Harrods, but before we started our onslaught of the store we popped into a lovely restaurant across the road which served a very nice high tea.  It was very welcome.
 Suitably fortified we set forth.
 The Christmas floor was very pretty.
“Sorry girls” (to sis’s twin girls) “Mum couldn’t fit this teddy in her rucksack” 
And then I forgot to take anymore photo’s.  
That night the Cava came out to accompany supper and then the next day we popped down to Tate Britain to have a look at the Lowry exhibition, which I absolutely adored.   And then I had to call time and take an early bath, as I was dying and not very quietly, too much partying, I needed to go home and lie down in a darkened room.  Sis has the constitution of an Ox, but she could see how poorly I felt, so I dropped her back off at Euston on the way home.  
It was great to see her, we had a brilliant time, but I really can’t party like I used to. 

2 thoughts on “When my twin sister came to London.

  1. amelia says:

    I totally cannot party the way I used to either! In fact, from drinking enough to float a boat in my younger days to now, I rarely drink anything. I just don't enjoy that morning after feeling any more!It's so nice to know you have a twin! My youngest daughter has triplets and what a lot of work that was. I hope you enjoy the relationship you have with her but like our triplets, as you say, it can be very tempestuous.


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