At last – Townsmen costumes finished.

 Just a quick peek at them, I should have even better photographs soon.  Son no.1 came into the studio just as I finished sewing the last few stitches on them so I grabbed him and asked him to model them for me.  These have been made to look big on a smaller frame, which is why the arms are so very small on him.  He liked them though and I am hoping to be able to buy them back to put in my portfolio.  If you’d like to come and see all of our lovely costumes, Playbox theatre are performing Ramayana in April and seats are selling fast.

This was alot of work, with much research, I for one am very pleased with my outfits.  I think all of the outfits have come together very well and I have to tell you that Sita’s outfit (who is the main princess in the story) was finished this week and it is absolutely gorgeous.  
Can’t wait to see the show.

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