Judge and Jury.

Well before Christmas I was asked to be a Judge at Warwick Horticultural Society’s Annual Show. Well I was tickled pink to be asked and I am still not quite sure how my name came up.  Come the day I trotted off to St Nicholas Park to judge the crafting and knitting section.
 I was given this, less anyone should forget the importance of my decision making. 
And set to work judging the crafting and knitting.  Unfortunately I couldn’t take a photograph as the cakes were still being judged.  I actually started to feel sorry for that particular Judge as the cakes and biscuits stretched the full length of the tent.  Getting back to my judging it was more difficult than you might imagine, but eventually I settled on what I deemed to be a fair decision. 
 I managed to take a few snaps of the vegetables with my iphone. 
 So pretty. 
Loved the sunflowers. 
I had a lovely time chatting about vegetable growing and allotments. 

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