Festival of Quilts 2012

I had a wonderful day yesterday wandering around the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.  This show just gets better and better, the quilts are amazing, the shopping is never ending and the women are wonderful. I like to go on my own, it is a treat to myself to be able to wander at will without any regard for anyone else.  Which might sound a little selfish, but I relish every moment of it.  I met so many people that I know in the crafting world, there were hugs, gossip and laughter, what more could a girl want. 
Just a couple of photographs this year. The time ran away with me. 
 I loved this, 
 the detail was inspiring. 
 I thought I had stepped back in time some 23 years when I saw this quilt. This quilt is the absolute image of Suki and Pippa, our lovely Whippets long since gone to rainbow bridge. I think the artist captured the whippety features and characters a treat. 
 Just so pretty. 
As I say not much in the photographic department this year. 
But there was shopping. (you knew there would be) 
A brand new pair of dressmaking scissors, some fabric for a skirt for Christmas/New Year. And then there was two lengths of linen, and a length of cotton for skirts and two lengths of silks for tops.  

One thought on “Festival of Quilts 2012

  1. amelia says:

    Beautiful quilts!! My very favourite is the one with red daisies, sunflowers? Not quite sure but it's so lovely and I want it!!I hope you're feeling stronger now. That's a very nasty bug you had…


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