Happy 23rd Birthday Son.

Son no.1 started the day with this. 
 and very nice it was too.  He then went out with is mates…  he’s 23 what can you do. 
 And the next day we took him to one of our favourite chinese restaurants which has just been refurbished.  We had a lovely time. 
 Hubby looking like he was being presented with the bill.  (why do men pull funny faces?) 
 And me, pretty in pink, (I am trying this colour, I have never tried this colour before, it would have clashed with my hair, but it seems to go quite well now!) 
 Son no.2 dislikes the camera coming out. 
 And gets rewarded with a hearty laugh from hubby, whilst son no.1 is saying, ‘don’t be a knob, just get this over with’. 
 And so it goes on.  We are seriously (tongue in cheek)worried that he is going to be a psychopath or a genius child. Its going to be one way or the other. 
And this was the best family shot I can get.  Never work with children or animals, oh and did you notice the sideburns?  
Getting back to son no.1 whose birthday it was, I can’t quite believe that twenty three years have gone so quickly, it does make you emotional no matter how hard you try and as you know I can leak at the drop of a hat.  He is starting a new chapter of his life very soon and one we all wish him well on, after all, I am hoping for my sewing room back by the time I am fifty.   It was all going so well… 

My boys, I love them so. 
(this all happened before I became ill,  I am still dealing with the bug, it looks like its going to last a few more days, however I am much improved compared to how I was last week.   Thank you to all who sent messages over the internet highways, they made me smile and were very much appreciated, a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy day.  Thank you xxx) 

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