Beautiful but expensive socks.

These are made from Emily by Posh Yarn, which is a mix of 80% lambswool, 10% angora and 10% cashmere.

I tried to make wildflower socks with this yarn in a size 4 UK, and it did look beautiful but the yarn ran short. So, I thought I would make a pair of simple socks for myself. I wanted to make it all out of the one skein. I even shortened the ankle to try and ensure that this happened. Again, the yarn ran short. This is the third time this has happened to me with this particular yarn. It really is lovely and has a lovely cushion to it and feels very soft, but for me anyway I always end up using more than one skein which then makes them very expensive socks.

When I realised that again I was going to be short, I raided my stash and I managed to produce a green version in a similar depth of hue to contrast with the pink, with which to stripe with. I think its worked very well. The socks are certainly very interesting to look at with their pooling and stripes. You might not be able to see this in that photo, but I gradually reduced the depth of the stripe towards the toe, which added another fun element.

And they are dreamy to wear and very, very warm as I used 2.5 mm needles and the material is nice and thick and bouncy.

So my jury is out on this yarn. I still have some to use in my stash, I will make a decision later on in the year.

Sweet sixteen, how time flies.

Ooooh, I was okay until I typed that title and then I had an overwhelming feeling of feeling quite old. It was horrible.

My second born son, my youngest child was sixteen today, well actually at 11.28 a.m. Son no.1 was born at exactly that time too, which is just slightly spooky.

On asking him yesterday what he would like to do for his birthday, (he’s not the type or the age to do parties, so I hadn’t worried about asking him that) he said, “I’d like to get my eyes tested”. “Wot!, I meant, what would you like to do for your birthday.. you know, go for a meal, do something”, “I just want to get my eyes tested, its okay I’ve already told Dad” “Oh” sez I in a squeaky voice.

So hubby and Son no.2 went off this morning for their eyes to be tested and new specs purchased, whilst I, well lets face it, mainly sulked. If you notice, Look —–> I’ve added a couple of bits to my blog, but it was mainly to try to get over the sulking.

Its a hard lesson for a mother to learn that she is superfluous to requirements, but learn it all mothers must.

Then I find that son no.1 and son no.2 have planned a trip to the cinema. Which is good, but bad in that all they require of us is as a glorified taxi service.

So I begged, in a slightly more dignified way than the wording sounds, but I think you probably understand where I’m at, if son no.2 wanted to do anything in the afternoon before the trip to the pictures tonight and to be honest he didn’t.

So hubby and I went out and really enjoyed ourselves. Well, you can only sulk for so long.

Firstly, as I had been drooling over their web site for a couple of days… we went to see these. Toft Alpacas in Dunchurch. Aren’t they lovely. It was bitterly cold so we didn’t hang around for long in the fields and quickly made for the warmth of their lovely shop. We were made very welcome and told we could come back anytime in the summer and could make a day of it as they had some excellent walks on the farm. Whilst talking, I asked if they had any fleece/top I couldn’t remember the name and tried to describe how thrummed mittens worked. It was no problem at all and she gave me a goodly amount for free, which was more than generous and very, very kind of her.

My new found treasures, fleece included. I purchased four balls of dk and 2 of 4ply. They are soooo soft, just dreamy.

And the boys discovering the unwashed fleece that smells quite strongly of Alpaca Poo. They Loved It !! The lurchers nose is normally quite long and pointy, it looks like he’s trying to inhale the fleece.

And then as we were cold and hungry we decided to find the Noodle Bar in Coventry, that I had read about on a blog. We both love authentic chinese food, hubby used to work in China for a month at a time, (we are not part of the artificial sickly sweet, sweet and sour brigade, although of course, anything is possible on a cold dark night) and I reckoned this might fit the bill. It did, the stock was fantastic. I had the seafood special, sichuan sauce, rice noodle soup and hubby had the chefs special, sichuan sauce, rice noodle soup. If you go, make sure your hungry, the portions are Huge and very, very tasty.

Later after the boys get home we do the birthday cake, I somehow managed to corrupt the files so unfortunately do not have one of the birthday boy blowing out the candles on his cake. although I do have one of the birthday boy himself, wearing the tshirt I had printed for him!!

My beautiful boys. There was a really nice photograph of my boys which again I have corrupted so this is the second best one I have.