London Zoo Easter Monday 2015

Hubby and I spent the day at London Zoo.  Its been on our to do list for the best part of two years and today we managed to tick this one off.  It was the best day Ever.  London Zoo is small but perfectly formed and doesn’t have steep hills, we could talk about a Zoo in Devon we trekked around one year, which was exhausting. All the animals look really happy, which was really nice to see, well apart from one baby Giraffe, who was most definitely sulking that they weren’t with Mum whilst she was getting a bit of a feed.  Yep we have had a brilliant day, it was lovely.  Here are just a few photographs, we took hundreds…  And you have to go to see the Lemurs, they are the funniest things ever, especially when they are calling to each other, they hoot, its an absolute scream.

Setting in sleeves.

This week I have been toiling a blouse, its a slow process as my toiles often become the real thing.  I am not sure if this one is going to, its a bit snug, but we’ll see.

Anyway we have come to the setting of the sleeves in part.  The bit I hate the most.  Serene moods can be shattered and anxiety and frustration can take over in what seems like seconds.  My most famous mistake of setting in a sleeve was getting a beautifully set in sleeve and finding I’d set the wrong sleeve in..  Still, once bitten, twice shy, I always triple check that I am working on the correct sleeve for the side. Sleeves 1

One thing I have learned is to take it steady, pin and then to baste a double row of stitching around the sleeve easing the rucks and ruffles out as you go.  Easier said than done, but in this case practice does make perfect and I have improved immeasurably over the last couple of years. Sleeves 2

As you can see a nicely set in sleeve. Sleeves 3

And an almost finished linen blouse.  The linen – possibly a mix – was £3.00 a metre from the fabric warehouse I know and love in London. Sleeves 4

And then I discovered the tiniest of rucks..  Its a toile, its staying, its on the back, no one will ever notice and as we all know there is no such thing as perfection.

Right, I’m off to go and do the other sleeve.

Did you like the mannequin?  I love it..  Now I just need a tailors ham and a tailors board and I’ll have everything I need.