Rainbows, Good Friends and Cake.

When I pulled the bedroom curtains apart at just gone 7.00 a.m. on Thursday I met a beautiful sight. And the best thing was I had a child to hand who quickly scurried to the study to rescue my camera so that I could photograph my rainbow. I love that this tree is just about to burst into leaf any day now. A true promise indeed.

I am so glad to have found my knitting pals. They have been a god send during my troubled times. Not in a in your face way, more of a gentle nudge ‘are you okay?’ way and ‘we are not going away even though you say your fine way’. Which has been very nice because even though I haven’t needed to blub into there shoulders until their jumpers (most probably hand knit) were soggy, I’ve known that if I’d needed to, I could. Which sometimes is all you need in life.

Today they both came to see me, I’m not sure who was more pleased, Me, Charlie for all the attention he received, or hubby because he got to have free reign of the purchasing in the cake shop. When hubby came home with Two carrier bags stuffed full of Cake! I knew that it was a bad idea to send a hubby with a sweet tooth out to a cake shop with only the vaguest of notions that he should try and buy something dainty for the girls, or in other words, this was not the time to purchase lardy cake. For some hours after the girls left every time I came upon my husband and he did seem to be lurking in dark corners, there were fresh remains of yet another cake, an anxious look in his eyes along with rapid chewing. I think for all the hard work he has done for me over the last few weeks he deserves a little splurge.

Charlie gave Diane such a warm welcome that I fear she will never be able to wear her black trousers again, well not in polite company anyway. She had this haze of blonde fur about her person as she departed..

Fun was had by all and we had a lovely girly gossip along with our deep and dirty sock yarn (how many skeins!) secrets.

Just when I had run out of chocolate.. Diane bought me this… Which I love as I’d struggled to try and retain more than 50 per cent ownership of the last two bars she had bought me. (in the end I resorted to hiding them, and they wonder why women get eating disorders, its because they live with Men!) So this bar is perfect. (although currently it is hidden, because you can’t trust men where chocolate is concerned)

And then Carie arrived carrying some gorgeous spring tulips with there vibrant jewel like colours, they really make the room come alive. Just perfect for this time of year.

And… More chocolate.. Yippeee….. (also hidden *wink*)

And now its time for me to go to bed because I’m absolutely shattered after my busy day.

Thanks girls I really enjoyed today.

2 thoughts on “Rainbows, Good Friends and Cake.

  1. amelia says:

    I love the Lindt red chocolate! I eat it till I feel sick!I hope you are feeling a little better by now at least. I just went through the same thing with a hip. Everything was soaked for two solid weeks,including dressings and despite heavy antibiotics. It turned out to be my metal allergy with was caused by the metal staples and took a while to clear once they were out! The surgeon thought I had one of these superbugs.Love the rainbow pic.You could probably market that one!!!


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