Toile’s New Party Piece.

You know how our Toile loves to play fetch.  Well now she loves to play catch.  And a proper little goalie she makes too.  I think she nearly bounces off the ceiling when she leaps for the ball from our bed.  And she runs straight back with it in her mouth, so we can do it again and again and again.  We have at least an equal number, if not more, of out takes.  We had to stop for fear that we would be working her too hard and the pussy cat, football association would raise a complaint. My photography doesn’t really illustrate it, but she nearly gets all of the balls. This cat is a complete nutter, we do love her so.


Toile catching 1 Toile catching 2 Toile catching 3 Toile catching 4 Toile catching 5 Toile catching 6 Toile catching 7 Toile catching 8 Toile catching 9 Toile catching 10

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