Stash raiding.

I’ve been raiding my stash this afternoon and found this. It is Emily from Posh Yarn, its colour name is Hoyden. I’ve had it ages. Today, it was calling to me. So then to choose a pattern, because Emily is not very long, so you have to be careful and then there is my inexperience as well, so it has to be relatively simple.

I thought this pattern was lovely and would suit it completely.

Wildflower Socks

The slight worry is that the pattern calls for 2.25mm needles, yet the wool needs 2.75mm. So I’m going to try 2.5mm. They are for my mum, (thats if I can tear myself away from them) I knitted my mum a pair of socks earlier in the year and used a 60 stitches to 2.5mm ratio and they fitted very nicely. So hopefully, (I do alot of that!… hoping) they should fit well, if the materials not too stiff and you can’t bend your ankle when your walking in them.

So I’m just waiting for a person to walk through the door, any person, as long as they have two arms 🙂

One thought on “Stash raiding.

  1. Carie says:

    Ooooh pretty yarn – the pattern should suit that yarn really well.wrt the needle sizes, I just go with whatever needle matches the number of stitches in the pattern to fit my foot. Most of my socks I go up a needle size or two because I have proportionately huge feet – if 2.5mm and 60 stitches has worked before it will again.Can’t wait to see them in real life!


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