Shifty, definitely shifty.

A fine pair of shifty looking characters 🙂

We enjoyed the Christmas light switching on ceremony last night. Its a nice little event in Kenilworth which many people turn out for. Warwick Road is closed and stalls and entertainment are set out for the evening. There was a fantastic performer playing with fire. Not a very good piccie but it gives you the idea.

Whenever I see an entertainer playing with fire, I automatically launch into, whether its in my head or even outloud, Fire by Arthur Brown. A one hit wonder in the sixties, it IS one of the true greats. So for your pleasure and mine…. 🙂


Arthur Brown aside, hubby would have stayed in a continuous loop for the freebie mulled wine/irish coffee so generously provided by Penman’s solicitors. I can vouch for the irish coffee, they (note the plural) were yummy. As a taxi was pre-booked we both got into the ‘spirit’ of the occasion.

It was a very nice evening, time spent with both boys, which was finished off perfectly with a delicious spag bol which hubby had cooked before we went out.

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