Damp, dark days…

The cold virus continues, although I did get a straight five hours kip last night, which has improved things a little. Oooh I do so dislike these dark, damp days. Miserable aren’t they?

I was looking through my photographs this morning trying to choose a photograph to brighten up my blog. As nothing has changed very dramatically from yesterday there really is nothing to photograph and I’m just a tad bored. I could photograph a bag full of seeds and onion sets that hubby picked up on Sunday, but best not, I can hear the yawns from here.

When I came across this photograph, which is my absolute favorite. Its taken five years ago, so boy no.1 who is sitting down would have been just 13 and boy no.2 who is looking for pebbles for the dam they are repairing is 10 1/2. I love the atmosphere of this picture, a lovely lazy sunny afternoon. Sadly this place no longer exists, a very expensive golf course was created and it was deemed necessary to build a bridge over it. 😦

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