What a lowlife, how do they sleep at night?

Firstly, hubby is still not feeling very well. We are now waiting for swap results on Thursday. Its starting to get to be a bit of a worry. Enough said. He is working though, which is where hubby is most definitely happiest. (I know my place in life!!) He had his tonsils out a few years ago, which is quite a painful op for an adult. As soon as he came out of the general anesthetic and was able to utter a word, it was, “laptop, laptop, bring me my laptop”. I refused for a few hours on the basis that he really should rest, but he was so miserable I had to give in 🙂

Onto other things.

My parents are back from their winter jaunt to Tenerife, so I can talk about this now. Dad rang me last week and I asked how things were, he said, “Well, we are okay now”. Which sent a shiver down my spine and he went on to tell me that he had been pick pocketed. When he told me what had happened, red hot angry tears spurted from my eyes. My folks are 70 odd, Dad is registered disabled, uses a walking stick and is awaiting a replacement knee operation. He and mum were boarding a bus and Dad was distracted as he was trying to get onto the bus when a big man barged Dad, you know the rest, his wallet containing 200 euros had been removed from his person. They were very upset about it, fortunately they have good friends who helped them to get over the shock of it. I knew exactly how they felt as a few years ago, I was barged in Yates’s wine bar in Leamington and my purse was stolen. But to pick on old age pensioners…. I can only hope that this gentleman lives an extremely long life which will give him plenty of time to reflect on his actions when he too is vulnerable.

Ladies watch your handbags. I was targeted in Benjamin Satchwells in Leamington yesterday. After a quick trip to see my friend Anna at Web of Wool, she who supplies my fixes of beautiful yarns. I only needed needles, I came out with a bag full… you know how it is.. friends rang and it was decided to meet at Benjamin Satchwells for a quick drink before going home. They would be there in twenty mins, so I got a drink, settled myself on a sofa, picked up a newspaper and started to read. When an Indian gentleman came in, I could tell that he had clocked me… call it instinct. I might look like I’m reading but I do know that I am on my own and am therefore more vulnerable. He wandered around, did not buy a drink and then plonked himself on the sofa opposite me. He actually sprawled… I realised my handbag was within reach of him and was not firmly attached to my knee. Before then it was safe as no one could get to it. He was watching me like a hawk, then said to me…. “Oooh look at that, whats happening on the parade”. To look would have required that I turn my back to him…

I said.. “Mmmm” raised one eyebrow, gave him a bit of a paddington bear stare and casually carried on reading in such a way that it was obvious that I could see him and what was happening, then I put my newspaper down, and reattached my handbag to my knee and hand. (ladies will understand the knee attachment of handbags whilst sitting) He harrumphed, got up and walked out the front door.

So watch your handbags my loves..

latest news on the Warwickshire Police website.

warning to shoppers

It must be Christmas…

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