I’d just like to talk about pens…

To clarify I have teenagers in the house.

Pens, I have bought about fifty cheap biro’s in the last 6 months to enable me to write on paper in the study. Its a simple thing really isn’t it, the phone rings, you answer it and may need to take a message. Aaaah, where is a pen…. nowhere to be seen. Okay there is normally a pile of clutter on the desk so I may need to wade through that just to check, but nope even after a quick shufty, nuffink.

I even bought myself from my local supermarket a pack of three roller ball pens, which is going up in the world really, when you know that they are going to disappear at the speed of light. I managed to keep a firm grip of them before Christmas, mainly because I hide them. I was then able to write Christmas cards with something other than a charity biro thats so graciously posted to me at regular intervals even though I have never made a contribution. I sometimes feel quite guilty about that, because those charity biro’s have often got me out of a tight spot.

On opening the coveted pack of three roller balls, I made a fatal error, the teenagers saw them. There was three, then it went down to two, then hubby tried to take the last one yesterday and I managed to claw it back out of his grubby mitts just before he walked out of the room. Then there was an argument with son no.2 (who wanted to walk off with the last one as well) who exclaimed that I had bought them for him, which I flippin’ hadn’t. So I had to outline to my darling son that I had bought them for ME so that I could write Christmas cards, etc, etc, along with just how many pens had been purchased over the last few months. I could still see the greed in his eyes, I knew that the pens days in my company were numbered.

Alas, they have all gone now, but the teenagers have had the good grace to leave me the empty packet on the desk, just to remind me that it wasn’t my imagination.

I have no idea what happens to them, they never come to light, teenagers deny all knowledge, as does husband, personally it wouldn’t surprise me if son no.2 is making a thrifty profit out of them at school.

thats it really, pens…..

the milk, cereal and bread stories are very similar…

3 thoughts on “I’d just like to talk about pens…

  1. Carie says:

    In which case who is taking the tape measures, scissors and 5th DPN? I don’t have sons so it must be borrowers! I can just see the tape measures used to weave hammocks or possibly as mattress webbing with the DPNs used to make the bedframe!


  2. Mary says:

    Steve has an incredible solution to this – he has one of those phone/PDA things where you have a little wand to poke the screen with, which has a handy little storage slot at the back of the phone… and, if you unscrew the tip of the wand, lo! it is a pen as well. As long as he doesn’t lose his phone he’ll be fine.My mum has a ornamental pen-holder thing on her desk with eight spaces for pens. If it doesn’t have at least three pens/pencils in it, she goes on a pen-hunt, rather than waiting until there are No Pens in it at all.My sister works in a bookies where those short, brightly coloured biros are a standard consumable supply with hundreds more ordered every month. Taking a couple of their pens is no more considered theft than using their loo-paper when paying a visit. The same applies to Argos and Ikea.Alternatively, fix a pen and a pad to the wall by the phone with duct tape, string and No-More-Nails.


  3. mandycharlie says:

    I believe I have a solution, it came to me like a bolt of lightening out of the sky.I am the only girl,… I shall purchase the frilliest, sparkliest, pinkest, preferably with fluffy pink feathers on the top, pen.I defy them to walk off with that…. they will of course, but at least I can then take the michael. :)Mysteriously one of the blue roller balls has been returned this morning and I have promptly hidden it. I shall of course take photo’s when I have purchased the perfect girly pen.


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