Mercedes Owners!!

Thats something I never thought I would hear myself say!

Due to our wonderful taxation system, which has been stringing company car owners up by their goolies for the last couple of years and has threatened yet another rise in tax in the near future, hubby decided enough was enough. We are told the reason our taxation has increased beyond all recognition is a green issue, we are then pushed to buy a car with a small engine and low emisions, otherwise the tax man will come a calling to take more tax off your hard earned salary.

So, like alot of company car owners, we have decided to contribute to the greenhouse effect rather than Mr Browns purse. (actually the car has reasonably low CO2 emissions) And most importantly its large enough for the boys and dogs.

So we now have, or wil have very shortly a Mercedes E class estate, residing at the address of mandycharlie. Okay its not new, its a fair few years old, but it has wonderful bodywork, leather seats and low mileage and didn’t cost a right arm.

So it was worth being dragged across the country for hundreds of miles by hubby to look at one car after another. I don’t DO cars… I just don’t understand the passion. I realised just how hopeless I was on this score when son no.1 rang us whilst we were driving home having bought the E Class. I told him we had bought an E Type… I immediately realised I’d said something wrong by the hysterical scream that blew the cobwebs out of my ears! I had to quickly correct my previous statement, whilst listening to my son hyperventilating as he calmed down.

So not much knitting has been done, I really need to do some emergency knitting very, very soon as I am behind with something very, very special…….. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mercedes Owners!!

  1. Mary says:

    if it helps, I have no idea of the difference between “class” and “type”.Conversation between Pip and me when he got his first car:”It’s a [type, make, year, etc] with a [wibble] [oojit] [whatnot], and it’ll do [x] miles to the gallon, and…””Pip! Try and remember who you’re talking to, yeah?””Oh. (pause) It’s small and blue.””Thankyou.”


  2. mandycharlie says:

    Its a boy thing. I knew where son no.1 mind had gone… he was thinking of E type jaguars… which is why the cobwebs were blown out of my ears by his excited scream.I do like your conversation with Pip, mine is very similiar. Its simple. I like it. One question from mandy to hubby…”Is it red?”see, very simple. 🙂


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