Another Step forward, actually quite an exciting evening.

As some of you are aware its been a rather trying eight months for little old me. So small steps forward are very important.

Last Saturday hubby took me to Warwick and we had a rummage through the antique shops there for a swift, I would love something old and worn and well loved but to no avail, but whilst there I decided to pop into Crafty Cottage, as I had read that they did Malabrigo which was one of the alternatives I had read was a nice yarn to use for My So Called Scarf. It was no hardship to buy this wool, it really is very soft and pretty. Jo, the owner gave good advice on the colour to choose to suit my skin tone, after a few seconds debating this plus a look in the mirror I realised she was absolutely right!

Whilst there she invited me over to her knitting group on a Monday evening, now I do go to Web of Wools Tuesday evening knitting group which I enjoy immensely, so I felt a bit tied by my feelings of love and loyalty which so often tie my little brain up in knots, so I gently declined the offer. But then Sunday came and the teenagers, who should really be on a 10 mile route march, daily, to get rid of excess energy, gave me grief, and then the youngest teenager came back from school on Monday and continued on the same vein. And I thought Why?, Why? am I doing this, Why? have I just spent hours putting together a nutrious meal, making soup from chicken bones and organising a meal from lovely home grown vegetables with all that that entails to put up with this (insert own expletive).

So I stopped, (I did finish the constructive elements of the meal, I am firstly a mother), put my glad rags on, make up etc and joined the Monday knitting group at Crafty Cottage. At the point that I was entering the building it dawned on me just how far I had come since the summer. I could not have done this even just a few months ago. Maybe the change in medication is having the right effect. I had a lovely evening, Jane very kindly showed me her knitting machine, which I loved to see in action, mainly because I myself have a knitting machine given to me from freecycle which I have never used. Jo helped me with the next stage in my pattern, which was much appreciated.

It was all good, my knitting circle increases and that can only be a good thing.

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