Another landmark in life.

My oldest son, my first born child, passed his driving test today.

Do I feel old, yes, Do I feel inadequate as I have not passed mine, yes. Will I worry, abso bleeding lootly,

But mostly, I feel very proud.

2 thoughts on “Another landmark in life.

  1. Mary says:

    Now is the time to negotiate a barter system of laundry in exchange for lifts. For example, if he takes you to the supermarket and back once a week, he can have his shirts ironed. If he won’t, then he’s free to wear crumpled shirts or use the iron for himself…I did something similar with my mum, I fixed and updated and generally looked after her computer in exchange for using her washing machine, occasional Mary’s-favourite meals, and the ironing of my more complicated or “special” tops (admittedly this was after I’d moved out, though).


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