Hidden treasures and a glove.

Don’t these look so beautiful, like precious jewels. They are very young blackcurrants.

Potatoes doing nicely, although there is a very slight worry that they may have just a touch of the dreaded blight. I am going to have to watch them very carefully over the next few days. If the weather dries up and humidity lowers we should be okay, if it doesn’t we may well be in trouble.

And my first glove. I am very pleased and am already thinking of a second pair and what to make them out of, should it be something like the softest of cashmere’s, or maybe some silk could work, or maybe a mix of the two. I could lengthen them so that they were nearly up to my elbow, or even longer. Oh the possibilities!

The baby birds seem to be doing well, not that I’ve peeked, but as I was potting up in my shed today you could hear just how busy the parents were providing for their young. They never stop.

We have a busy weekend planned, its the last push to get most of everything in. Toms are ready to go in, over half of the runner beans were planted today, the climbing beans need planting, I have courgettes, cucumbers etc etc to plant out this weekend. I managed to hoe all of the carrots this evening. It is recommended that any work to do with carrots is done in the evening as the carrot fly (she who is to be feared) doesn’t like flying in dusk/dark so its the best time to do it. Apparently, the carrot fly can smell carrots being disturbed over 1 mile away and will home in on them.

And on that thought, I’m off to bed.

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