No rest for the wicked.

We’ve woken at three thirty a.m. and have been padding around drinking tea since then, listening to the rain. Hubby has a busy day, he has to plod around the Cotswolds to pick up the death certificate, then register the death and then choose the necessary at the funeral directors. The funeral is on Thursday, we are keeping this very low key, mainly because to be honest there are very few friends of his Fathers still alive and secondly and for us at least most importantly, we have a son who is right in the midst of his GCSE’s.. So rather than allow our son to worry and get himself stressed, I will not be attending, that way at least we won’t have to alert him to what is actually going on until after the event. 16 year olds can quite happily live in their own world, being rather oblivious to yours, which at this moment is rather a blessing.

Hubby is emotionally drained, in a slightly worrying way. He and I thank you all for your kind messages.

You know how you occasionally come across surnames that suit an individuals chosen occupation perfectly, well, our chosen funeral director is a Mr Sole, I think thats rather nice.

Thats it really, I’ll blog about happy things soon, I promise.

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