In the top twenty!

This morning I thought I would mooch along to the plot to continue with hoeing the strawberry bed, a job that was left half done yesterday. As I entered the site I saw our allotment secretary, exchanged pleasantries as you do and he said, “You have a white stick placed at the front of your allotment”. “What?” says I. “You have a white stick” he repeats. The penny really isn’t dropping for me and I haven’t got a clue what he is on about. “Your in the top twenty”. “Top twenty?” I must be sounding extremely thick by this point. “Yes, your in the top twenty of the best kept plots, the independent judges will start their final judging in about an hour” Oh Flip, I think. “I’d better go and start hoeing then” I reply to him as I quickly scamper up to the plot, Charlie in tow.

I had intended to do a little light hoeing and give Charlie a good grooming, these plans were quickly abandoned. Bearing in mind that I hadn’t even thought about the competition or at least when I did, I thought never in a million years would we ever be good enough to stand any sort of chance. Well, a couple of independent judges have thought differently.

So for the next two and a half hours I worked extremely hard, weeding and hoeing and strimming and then weeding some more. I’m not completely happy, its far from weed free, if I’d known we’d been nominated I might have spent more time up the plot this weekend.

I do think we will be twentieth, but then just being in the top twenty out of 154 is not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

The judges said to me that our tomatoes were the best by far that they had seen (they had seen well over half by this point) and also our brussel sprouts were the most advanced and best they had seen.

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